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The world of Divine Evolution comprises light souls, guardian angels, seers, and magi (enlightened individuals with superhuman abilities); Matrix structures; highly spiritual civilizations; as well as gods who direct processes in material worlds and ensure harmony.

Finally, above all these structures stands the Divine/Creator of All/Supreme Intelligence/Creator of the world with all its laws, including the laws of the demonic world.

From birth, every person exhibits opposing characteristics and features—both divine and demonic. As an individual grows and develops, he or she chooses their path in life—on their own, even if under the influence of others. When the Divine component reaches its highest potential, the demonic one ceases to exist.

When a person decides to leave Darkness behind, they have to make an effort to begin and to continue making steps toward Light. No matter how much the dark forces try to seduce a person with alluring visions, if an individual consciously chooses the path of soul development, that person will learn to distinguish true light from false.

As an “adversary,” the opposing Power required by the equilibrium and harmony of things in Nature—like Shadow to throw off still brighter the Light, like Night to bring into greater relief the Day, and like cold to make one appreciate the more the comfort of heat—SATAN has ever existed. 

Helena Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine,” Book 1, Part II, Chapter 11.

If individuals have not lost their connection with the Creator, they will be able to receive the energies of the Sun, the galaxies, the Universes, and other worlds in the necessary amounts, and use those energies wisely.

If, by contrast, the connection is lost, the person will find it difficult to retain the pure light within themselves, since society—which works in close collaboration with the elementals, or the Inferno—offers and imposes various passions and emotions, such as fear, greed, envy, blame, irritation, anger, and so on. In this case, the Divine creative energy contained in an individual is mixed with low-frequency negative energy and is transformed into the energy of a different quality.

The longer a person accumulates low-frequency energy, the more open and vulnerable they become to energy entities of various types. Negative thoughts and emotions produce a subtle substance that parasitic entities feed on, encouraging a person to fixate on such thoughts.

Sphere-like subtle entities known as “larvae” tend to inhabit the space around a person’s head, especially when the soul of their consciousness isn’t holistic. These larvae begin to help the person form vicious thoughts, leading them off the path of light and provoking anxiety, fear, irritation, and conflicts. If a person doesn’t notice or understand the signs the Universe shows them, they will be led by these astral entities.

The strongest among the entities can enter a person’s body and move from one organ to another, feeding on their energy. If a person conceals strong, hidden desires (that is, thinks one thing but says something completely different), then even their facial features can change for the worse.

An individual infected with larvae will find and befriend similar people. Larvae help cultivate similar complexes: People complain to each other about their life difficulties, family members, and friends, indulging in self-pity. Larvae encourage people to feel nervousness, fears, and pride, to pity themselves because nobody understands them, and so on. Larvae multiply when their hosts fight and argue between themselves. Newborn larvae then search for new victims.

Through resonance (emotional) channels, destructive energetic entities from higher levels of the infernal world (demons, evil spirits) can be transferred from a larva into a person. A larva always competes with the soul. The soul is the person’s emotional world, and the larva passionately strives to destroy it. That’s why some people’s personality can change dramatically at the end of their life: All their love and sympathy are concentrated in the larva, while their mind is controlled by entities.

You can detect the presence of larvae or other energetic entities when at least some of the following symptoms are manifested:

  • You have an addiction or a bad habit—especially if it doesn’t bring you any pleasure, yet you are unwilling to renounce it;
  • You have psychological or emotional problems—for instance, if you suffer from depression, irritability, fear, etc.;
  • You have exhausting dreams, be it nightmares, or disturbing or erotic dreams;
  • You get up feeling tired and devoid of energy in the morning and have to drink lots of coffee and use other stimulants to get yourself going;
  • You suffer from recurring pain in the back of your head and in your back;
  • Your fingers and toes often feel cold;
  • You are obsessed with the desire for power, money, or variation in sexual partners;
  • You are attracted by drugs, pornography, or decadent sexual behavior, or prone to obsessive sexual fantasies;
  • Your vision sometimes becomes blurred.

Larvae send most of the energy they leech from people to the higher structures—a sort of a demonic communal energy bank. From this bank, energy is distributed to dark magicians, wizards, and psychics, who receive informational support from their higher-level system—the world of Inferno.

The demonic hierarchy acts as a secondary structure of the Universe. It also comprises egregores, which attract masses of people: egregores of politics, business, family, religion, and beliefs—everything that people believe in blindly. There are egregores of computers and even of Facebook: They glue people to the screen, causing them to lose part of the vital force that has been given to them for the purpose of evolution.

Next are the high-tech material systems that form government structures and coordinate people’s destructive actions, suppressing their mental and spiritual abilities.

Above these systems stand the demonic hierarchies that direct the lower planes of their world. Finally, the world of Inferno acts as the source of the whole demonic structure. On the physical terrestrial plane, it is represented by the so-called Illuminati. The demonic system collects energy from all its lower organizational systems.

The more negative emotions, attachments, dogmas, and dualistic thoughts a person has (and the more they idealize), the more nourishment they provide to larvae and destructive energetic entities, which are attracted by a person’s low-frequency energies and emotions and are brought to life by lowly desires. Strong obsessive fears that cannot be explained logically are usually the result of the activity of larvae or astral entities.

Some seers can observe hordes of low-level astral entities in public places—where a lot of alcohol and tobacco is consumed, where people gamble or play video games—and in unhealthy places in general, places filled with depression, grief, fears, greed, and so on.

How every person uses the constructive Divine energy they receive depends on the level of their spiritual development, which in turn depends on the purity of their spirit and soul, the soul of their bodily spirit, and their conscious and subconscious minds.

Most people do not want to spend time on spiritual development that can provide pure energy for their life. Instead, they surrender themselves into the hands of society and fall under the influence of destructive astral entities.

chapter 5, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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Do you ever feel empty emotionally? Are you tempted to fill the void with destructive habits like drinking, taking drugs, binge-eating, indulging in chocolate, or procrastination? Do you sometimes feel like a part of you is missing or that it’s gone away with someone who has left you or has died? Do you ever find that you can’t remember anything from a period of your life?

Have you done things that left a residue—as if you did not do them of your own volition; or perhaps you weren’t sure of why you did them at all? Do you often feel lonely, disconnected, broken, or unable to understand what’s keeping you here on Earth? Are you tired of constantly feeling annoyed or angry with everyone? Do you have recurring dreams associated with a particular person or place? Most importantly, do the evil eye, curses, or ritual curses influence you, destroy your energy, ruin your mood, or make you ill?

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms or experienced similar sensations or emotions, it’s possible that the energies of others’ souls have entered your soul, and that their consciousness got mixed with consciousness of your own soul.

When a human soul acquires elements of other people’s souls, the person will struggle to understand their true essence and discover their evolutionary path. The stronger the energy of those extraneous soul fragments are, the more they impact one’s consciousness and the development of one’s own soul.

If fragments of someone else’s soul become stuck in your soul, they can cause mental issues for you. And, it’s possible that your soul has lost some of its fragments. This happens when a person gets too attached to someone or something, as well as when the emotional soul is too upset or anxious about something or reacts too strongly to certain events or emotions. Fragments can become detached from the soul and can get stuck in the aura or in other people’s souls. They can stay behind in a place where the soul’s owner was happy—or miserable. The reasons are many. Any trauma (which all of us experience) can cause you to lose fragments of your soul or acquire soul particles belonging to someone else. Both can make you feel empty or dissatisfied. You may not even realize that you are suffering from the loss of your soul’s particles.

People don’t suspect that they can give away particles of their souls to those who have authority or control over them: parents, spouses, children, friends, doctors, religious leaders, teachers, bosses, politicians, and so on. People can get so attached to things and individuals that they create idols for themselves, idealizing those things and individuals, thus losing fragments of their soul. These particles can get attached to a person or place or to a religious (or any other type of) egregore. This hurts and causes suffering to both parties.

When a soul loses some of its particles or contains particles belonging to others, the aura is weakened, overall energy is lowered, and immune defenses are weakened. This is how chronic fatigue and depression set in and it is why people can be vulnerable to eniological infections. A person who has lost soul particles is easy to hurt and is susceptible to informational viruses.

As noted earlier, negative thoughts and envy coming from others can breach a person’s aura easily, damaging and polluting their soul’s light and disrupting the Fire element. Fire governs the small intestine, the heart, blood circulation, and the endocrine system. Emotional blockages and congestion develop in the organs and psychic energy accumulates, causing serious health problems. The person loses their connection to the Earth, which supplies us with health energy. The power of intention can become so weak that one does not have enough energy to materialize thought-forms for self-healing, or for doing any creative work.

All of this isn’t a punishment but is rather the universal language of the Universe: Through pain and discomfort, it seeks to show you the problem and make you pay attention and take the necessary steps for healing.

For both the soul and the person as a whole, it’s important to make the soul holistic: Get rid of extraneous soul fragments and restore the soul fragments that have been lost. In this way, one can begin to think and act in accordance with their own volition. The person will no longer be controlled by particles of souls belonging to others with different life programs. It’s worth adding, however, that the soul of your consciousness (in particular, that of the emotional mind) must be holistic too. If a person’s soul isn’t holistic when it passes into the next plane of existence, it will take longer to develop and ascend to the higher planes. Such souls will keep returning to Earth again and again.

When a person’s soul contains fragments of others’ souls, after that person’s death, these fragments will detach themselves and wander through dimensions and time. They can even show various events through a person’s night dreams.

When relatives mourn a dead person for a long time, they send particles of their souls to the deceased. If the dead person’s soul is a restless soul of the worst kind, it can feed off soul particles emitted by its grieving friends and relatives, essentially acting as an energy vampire—sucking energy from those who keep remembering the deceased (and even from those who have ceased to remember them).

A kind soul won’t siphon energy from those whom it loved in life and who still mourn it. Those who continue to grieve simply lose particles of their souls into space time and inter-time. Family members who think only of themselves and their grief don’t let the soul ascend to a higher plane and proceed with its development and evolution, which it badly needs.

Though soul particles have their own consciousness, they are like lost children who can’t find their mother, wandering through the limitless expanse of different dimensions. That’s why you are responsible not only for the condition of your soul and its development on Earth; you should also remember your deceased friends and much-loved relatives and help their souls to evolve too.

In order to find out how many extraneous soul fragments you have or how many you’ve lost, you can ask your Higher Self, using a pendulum, dowsing rod, or kinesiology—or consult with a master who has a pure energy-information channel. If you don’t have this opportunity, you can simply do the exercise described below. It won’t hurt you, even if your soul is already holistic.

Once your soul regains its wholeness, all your lost energy will return to you. You should verify if your soul is holistic at least once a year and repeat the exercises as needed. As long as you live, your soul will react emotionally to life situations and people, unless you’ve learned to control your thoughts and transform low-frequency energy thoughts and emotions into high-frequency light. Otherwise, your soul will keep losing its particles and attracting other people’s.

Again, when your soul and your emotional mind’s soul are holistic, your energy will be invulnerable to any negative energy charge.

Once you start sending extraneous soul particles back to their rightful owners, you will help many people: They will get back the particles they never knew they’d lost. And it works the other way around too: When your own soul particles return to you, they will vacate the souls they were stuck to, freeing those souls of extraneous fragments.

This way, you heal not only your own soul—but you help other people reintegrate theirs as well.

chapter 26, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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To my great joy, the light forces showed me simple and effective techniques that anyone can use to improve their spiritual and physical condition, restoring light and pure vital energy and strength to their spirit, soul, and body.

By reading this book, you will learn about the many hidden reasons for your ailments, which interfere with the harmony of your outer and inner worlds. By doing the exercises sprinkled throughout these pages, you’ll be able to eliminate, remove, and heal the deeper causes of your sickness and misfortunes. Both traditional and non-traditional treatments—and the related drugs, vitamins, herbs, and supplements you’ve been using—will bring faster and better results.

Indeed, how can one heal an internal organ when the body is so full of mental and energy blocks that not a single ray of light, not a single vitamin can get to the affected body part? And what if a destructive entity has taken up residence inside—or even more than one? While doctors will surely do everything in their power to treat a dysfunctional organ, the entity will simply switch to another one and continue its parasitic existence, bringing endless suffering.

How can you cure the body if some jealous ill-wisher decides to destroy your inner harmony, health, or business by using magical rituals against your physical well-being, business, your relationship with your loved ones, and so forth? The dark energy they send will sink into your organs, first impeding their normal function and then blocking it entirely. Doctors, when they find that some organ is weakened, begin treating it in various ways available to them, but the organ’s condition keeps getting worse. What’s worse, there can be many different hidden causes of illness.

The practical exercises in this book will help you not only to free yourself from various types of destructive entities, phantoms, and evil spirits—all those who consciously or unconsciously rob you of your life’s power, light, and joy. Once you understand the causes for yourself, you’ll be able to prevent energy drains. The practices I describe will allow you to free and restore a large amount of the creative energy you’ve lost.

The demonic world hates it that I spread the knowledge of how people can protect themselves from its influence. The dark force did all it could to prevent me from writing this book, fearing that it would lose its ability to feed on the emotional energy of humans once they learn to restore their life force and lost light by closing off the energy channels linking them to the world of darkness. 

The dark forces applied heavy energy to destroy my mind, to stop me from thinking, feeling, and writing. But it was in the moments I felt almost broken that I realized that my learning continued. Again, and again I called upon the Divine rays of colored light—and I would feel instantly how my strength, clarity, and desire to live returned. After each new energy cleansing, I received fresh knowledge of what I had to do in order not to spend more time on endless cleansing but instead just living, creating, and enjoying myself.

It was only when I was finishing this book that I obtained the key answers and recommendations that finally put me beyond the reach of the dark forces, envious people, and other low-frequency energies. If I learned how to win, then you can win too!

By doing practical exercises with light, you can heal yourself, your children and loved ones, even your pets. Colored rays of light from the higher plane of existence will help you to repair your relationships, heal your family Clan (your generational family, going back through lifetimes, including your current family), cleanse and purify your home, and improve your work environment. You can also learn to choose rays of light to activate and charge water, drugs, vitamin supplements, food, and so forth. You will change your destiny for the better in a number of ways, achieve better progress in your career, and learn light magic practices that will soon become part of your life.

To carry out exercises with colored photon rays, you don’t need a spiritual master to initiate or guide you—as happens, for instance, with Reiki, yoga, asceticism, and other spiritual systems and practices, many of which artificially create hierarchies of dependency and a sort of “mystical fog” around so-called “spiritual paths.”

You won’t need to spend hours meditating either. Moreover, you will learn why the energy of the Universe can cause pollution of subtle bodies and evolutionary losses in many long-term meditation practitioners. You won’t have to spend money on expensive seminars and courses to achieve positive results in healing and overcome difficulties in your life.

Nobody will check if you’ve done your homework or demand that you pass an exam to obtain a certificate. You will become your own healer and teacher. All you need to do is read this text carefully, perform the exercises—and then enjoy the results, feeling happy and proud that you got your name back— “the Genuine Magician and Healer.”

They say that genius is simple. Embodied in the miracles of the colored rays of light, I see the genius of the Creator, inspiring me daily to work and learn.

This book will expand your knowledge of how to remove obstacles on the path of spiritual development quickly and effortlessly, and how to ensure that your soul continues its earthly evolution harmoniously in a healthy body.

If you are reading this book right now and plan to do the exercises, it means that you already have corresponding programs in your spirit which will help you learn these techniques. The rays will help you to realize the healing programs carried by your spirit. You’ll easily activate the Divine abilities that were inherent in you at birth.

chapter 2, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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First, let’s define what kinds of diseases exist. According to Agni Yoga, there are three kinds of illnesses: allowed illness (developed illness), karmic illness, and diseases of spiritual development. Each of them has its own impact on the four levels of human health: body, energy, soul, and spirit.

Agni Yoga is mystical teaching developed by Nicholas and Helena Roerich between 1924 and 1938. According to the Roerich’s, they were given the teaching by the mysterious Mahatmas who reside in Shambhala in the Himalayas (in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a mythical kingdom). In Agni Yoga, a Mahatma is a highly advanced spiritual master who possesses occult knowledge and who participates consciously in the spiritual evolution of the Earth.

Developed/Allowed diseases

The following diseases are caused by imbalances in the psychic centers: ignorance and inconsiderate actions; the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; as well as other excesses—all of which cause harm the body can no longer handle.

Considering the generally low level of consciousness in most people, an epidemic can spread rapidly. Every thought causes a reaction in the body. The purer a person’s thoughts are, the stronger and healthier that person’s psychic energy is—and, as a consequence, the stronger their immune system is. In someone with a weak psyche, an insignificant illness can become grave. It’s hard to restore health to your psyche if you live in an unhealthy environment. This is because being surrounded by sick people who are focused only on their own problems increases a person’s paranoia and makes their condition worse. In ancient times, one of the popular methods of healing was for a sick person to remain isolated in solitude, communicating only with surrounding nature until relief came. Sick animals do the same.

Nutrition plays an important role in the development of allowed diseases. A body filled with the poison of decomposing meat is a fertile ground for all diseases. Pure food is of great importance and acts as a shield against sickness when the psyche is healthy.

The German physician and philosopher Paracelsus wrote in the fifteenth century about the accumulation of poisons in the body and the need to purge them: “Rheumatism and gout, dropsy, and many other diseases are often caused by such accumulations of impure or superfluous elements, and Nature cannot recover until such elements are expelled and the vital power of the organs restored.”

Negative character traits can also lead to sickness. The more negative emotions a person experiences, the more he is dominated by astral entities.

To summarize: Allowed diseases stem from the weakness of the spirit and a lack of understanding of human nature, as well as from some unnatural traditions existing in society. Most bad habits and false beliefs are found in young souls—people who have lived a small number of previous lives as human beings on Earth. Most of their troubles are due to the youth of their spirit.

Usually, allowed diseases are treated easily using traditional therapy and surgery. To avoid these diseases, you should educate yourself and work to awaken your consciousness. Knowledge and intuition will help you find your way. From the point of view of subtle bodies, allowed diseases can be viewed as a result of disharmony in the soul, bodily spirit, and Divine spirit, as well as in a lack of proper information and energy exchange between them. (See ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing Part II, Chapter 12: A healthy bodily spirit as a foundation of a healthy body.)

Karmic diseases

Karma is any action that is not caused by love. Selfless deeds can never become karma.

Karmic diseases are mostly diseases of the soul and the spirit, which in turn cause illnesses of the body. They arise when a person’s consciousness is out of step with the spirit of the times. When a person doesn’t understand or doesn’t follow cosmic laws or signs sent by the Supreme Intelligence and the Light Forces, he ends up with a karmic disease.

Diseases of the soul and the spirit should be healed, not treated.

Their causes have to do with karmic debt, which is generated by so-called human weaknesses. These weaknesses are expressed in thoughts, words, and deeds; in negative emotions and violations of the Higher Spiritual Laws and commandments, both in current life and in previous incarnations. Diseases of the soul and the spirit don’t arise out of anything: People accumulate them through wrong actions, by blaming others, or by refusing to accept situations and other people as they are. People force their opinions on their kids, husbands, and wives; they are unable to forgive, and they go against the principles of moderation and fairness. Karmic diseases reside in the spirit, soul, and in the causal (or karmic) field. They are all about the excessive idealization of worldly values, wrong beliefs, outdated and unhealthy traditions, and creating idols for oneself. But most importantly, our consciously negative actions cause genetic issues. The human spirit still isn’t free from animal instincts or from idealizing worldly values, outdated traditions, or erroneous convictions.

You don’t choose to have bad heredity; you get it in accordance with your spirit’s level of development. Inherited diseases are transmitted by genus. If parents already carry information failures, such as the evil eye, curses, or family karma, for example, then karmic diseases will manifest in their children on several planes: emotional, mental, and physical.

However, bodily conditions aren’t always a result of past “sins.” Sometimes, highly-evolved spirits choose disabled bodies for their incarnations, becoming so-called “beatific people,” in order to destroy entrenched idealized or erroneous beliefs and to awaken the consciousness in people around them, in their parents, or in their relatives.

It’s important to understand that the root cause of karmic disease lies in discord between the soul and the spirit. Physical disease is but a consequence, the visible part of the proverbial iceberg. To get to karmic programs, you have to pass the emotional/astral and mental bodies: You need to uncover the causes of the destructive program and rectify your mistakes. By improving and amending one’s character, it’s possible to repair one’s relationships with others (karmic partners). If you change your attitude toward money, material things, power, popularity, and otherworldly goods, you can get rid of more karmic diseases.

The Creator has given human beings complete freedom of action— even if it leads to death, it’s their choice—and every person’s choices should be treated with respect and understanding.

If the human spirit has a small number of reincarnations on Earth, this is a young spirit. The spirit learns from many of its own mistakes. Otherwise, how would the spirit acquire the necessary human life experience? Many people try to protect their kids and loved ones from any harm. Their intentions are good, but as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Nobody—not your parents, not your grandparents, not your spouse —has the right to interfere with your life and impose their views on you. Everyone has their own program and path.

It’s not recommended to try to eliminate others’ karmic diseases just because you want it or think it is necessary. Before dealing with a karmic disease, you need to understand what a person did to get it. If, for example, a patient doesn’t realize their errors, by helping them, a healer will simply shift the illness to a different level temporarily.

First and foremost, a patient needs to understand that the most important thing is to learn how to change themselves. They have to learn their own life lessons, and no one must obstruct this process by trying to heal a person who doesn’t want to help themselves. A karmic disease is an informational virus, therefore official medicine is helpless against it.

No one canceled the Law of Karma: Everyone should be responsible for their thoughts and actions and cleanse their causal body through awareness and correction of their own mistakes. Life doesn’t send you more than you can bear. Suffering makes your spirit stronger. We learn and discover the laws of the Universe (See ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing‘ Part II, Chapter 22: Does Karma exist?).

Diseases of spiritual development (sacred)

These diseases are linked to the development of higher energy centers and spiritual transformation. They are called “sacred” because they lead to a person’s informational and energy structures becoming subtler: One evolves without even realizing it. This process is a sign of the future transmutation of humanity. The only cure for such an illness is time and rest. Once the transmutation of energy centers and organs is complete, the pain disappears by itself.

Diseases of spiritual development are a side-effect of the advancement of the spirit and an increased ability to overcome difficulty. They are given to us according to the strength of our spirit; their appearance indicates that the spirit is growing and maturing. Why give a person vital strength if they have nothing to spend it on? Well-being and a quiet life are the death for the spirit (that is, if the spirit is passive, then a person, in his calm life, does not fulfill the life programs embedded in his spirit).

Overcoming a disease in your spirit is a special state of consciousness when the spirit isn’t broken or ruled by the disease—on the contrary, it maintains its vigor, equilibrium, and composure. In this case, the will is activated to shield the physical body: It creates a sort of a protective net and uses all its weapons to fight the disease.

Your physical body needs attention constantly. Every sick organ requires care, and you have to remind it of its purpose. Never give up when you are confronted with an illness—in your mind, you should always focus on getting well. To make sure that your messages of healing get to your subconscious, you must cleanse your emotional mind (as I’ve said before) of the energy of negative low-frequency thoughts, news, and information. The soul connects our mind and our subconsciousness. That’s why it’s so crucial to purify the mind: It keeps the energy links between the soul, consciousness, and subconsciousness clear.

If you are often stressed, you create energy and emotional blocks in your energy centers. This prevents energy from flowing through the energy channels to your organs, brain, and cells. You lose your access to the source of energy, and diseases start to develop.

The practices described in the book ‘The Miracle of Divine Healingwill help you establish necessary connections with Divine energy.

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If we accept that the entire system of life is divided into nine planes of existence—each of which constitutes a specific physical and emotional aspect of ourselves—then the healing, high-frequency photonic rays that this

book is all about will be found on the top level of the Seventh plane. Each plane has many levels, therefore, when someone tells me, “While meditating, I visited such-and-such a level and received such-and-such information,” I ask: “But from which plane?”

The first plane includes all the inorganic elements of the Earth. A small percentage of people have karma (see the book ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing’ Part II, Chapter 21: Does Karma Exist? and Part I, Chapter 19: Types of Diseases According to Agni Yoga) linked to the mineral realm. This means that they have certain attitudes that prevent them from understanding and accepting their unity with this realm. This leads to an imbalanced relationship with the first plane and it can cause arthritis and osteoporosis.

The second plane is the realm of plants and trees; it’s the plane of fairies, elves, and elemental spirits; bacteria, fungus; and negative emotions. Wizards operate on one of the levels of this vibrational plane.

The third plane is the realm of humans and animals. It also
features restless souls. The third plane is our school: Here we learn to manage our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body. It’s crucial to learn to use the energies of the Supreme plane—that of the Creator of All existence. Illusions also belong to the third plane. It’s the dwelling place of both positive and negative emotions.

The fourth plane is a place where pure souls of good people go after death; it’s a world of higher vibrations. The souls of those who commit suicide cannot reach this plane.

The fifth plane contains spirits who possess high knowledge. Many spirit guides come to our aid from this plane. Healers who work with fifth-plane energies often suffer and lose their own vital energy after dealing with people.

The sixth plane is the plane of ultimate dualism. It contains hundreds of levels. While lower levels house cosmic and demonic entities who cause energy damage to people on Earth, the higher levels are home to spirits who assist people with psychic activities and healing. The lower levels don’t come into contact with the higher ones. When communicating with people, spirits from this plane act as intermediaries between human beings and God. They can often enforce their views on you, though those views aren’t always correct. This causes people who take everything too seriously to believe in the imminent end of the world (or any other idea that is based on fear and uncertainty).

The Seventh plane is the plane of the laws of electromagnetism, of truth, nature, and empathy. This is the plane of laws that govern our Universe, galaxy, solar system, planet Earth, the lower planes, and human beings. The healing music of the spheres; symbols and numbers; and high-frequency colored light all come from different levels of this plane, which number in the tens of thousands. The colored rays of light referred to in this book are found on the highest level of this plane. Their light fills the symbols and signs and the music of the spheres, etc. that are contained in the lower levels of this plane.

The eighth plane is one of the enlightened masters, such as the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, the Great White Brotherhood, and other souls that have reached enlightenment. They often gather together to create new worlds. Our own heavenly mothers and fathers also reside here.

The ninth plane is the Divine plane of the pure and all-encompassing energy of creation. It’s the abode of endless wisdom, creative power, and purest love, a place of healing and of the highest truth. The Spirit, or Atman, as it descends from this plane to the realms of matter, takes on ever more rough sheaths (membranes) or perishable bodies that become its temporary vessels. Atman/Spirit corresponds to the fire energy spread across the cosmos—it’s the child of the primordial universal energy.

Madame Helena Blavatsky writes in her book The Secret Doctrine: The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery BREATH in its absolute Unity. In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the electric Fire of all Life. In our System, it is the visible Sun, the Spirit of Nature, the terrestrial god. And in, on, and around the Earth, the fiery Spirit thereof—air, fluidic fire; water- liquid fire; Earth- solid fire. All is fire (…) the root of which is O (naught) in our conceptions, the All-in nature, and its mind.

Helena Blavatsky was the founder of the Theosophical Society (theosophy is a teaching about the unity between the human soul and the divine) and a disciple of the Brotherhood of Tibetan Mahatmas (ascended spiritual masters). She provided an explanation of the notions of karma and reincarnation which became popular in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

Human evolution, which moves cyclically, is designed to lead humanity through multiple transformations to its original divine nature, whose apex is the Highest Divine plane of existence.

Additional information, July 2021.

From the beginning of February to June 3, 2020, on the Higher plane of the Creator, I have done countless energetic works to cleanse the 6th level of all types of cosmic entities. Each time receiving signs that it was time to continue the work on cleansing, I ascended to the Higher plane of existence and having declared my intention, watched with an inner vision how the Creator carried out cleansing work at different levels of the 6th plane, after which he healed all damaged places. Since that time, a year has passed since the time when the 6th level was cleansed of all essences and still remains pure and light. Light spirits continue to dwell there, coming to the earthly plane to help people in healing, psychic operations. The destructive entities that managed to descend at that time on the earthly plane, entered the physical bodies of people and will continue to exist there until people learn to free themselves from them.

chapter 4, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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There are a lot of factors that go into our belief system and in who we become as we grow into ourselves. Some factors are conscious choices, some are intuitive, and some come from paternal influences right from the moment our mother finds out she’s pregnant.
A parent’s thought can be felt from within the belly, especially if it concerns the fully intune being that’s growing inside. If either of the parents did not want the child, or even had this thought once, the baby is born feeling disconnected from them. The child grows up seeking a deeper meaning to life and tends start calling Earth her mother. These people are commonly known as hippies.

You can recognize them. They call themselves free spirits because they truly feel that they don’t belong, and we now know why.

If you’re a long lost hippie out there, here’s a meditation for you – to rewire your connection to your parents and finally regain that balance within yourself that you have been seeking…

Sit comfortably with your feet on the ground – grounding your energy to the earth and your palms on your knees, open and facing up – to stream your interconnections.  Then, very simply, solely with your power of intention, visualize your family tree of life; you may have distanced yourself from them, but they are still a part of you and this part of your needs to be healed. Set the intention to clear your Tree of Life from all the distortions and negativity and fill the entire Tree (all generations) with divine light and love. Now, you will truly be whole and free.

Even if you are not sure whether your parents were happy at the time when they created a new life (yours), you still need to fill the emotional state of your mothers and fathers with the light of God’s love and joy. With the same light, fill the belly of your mother (womb) of each month of her pregnancy. Imagine that you are growing in a clean and bright “house”. And in the end –  be pleased with the fact that you were born the healthiest, happiest, most successful, and talented child.

Elena and Alissa Alekseeva

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Reincarnation of animals and humans

Not everyone knows or beleives that animals, like humans, have a soul, and also they can have a few low astral beings, which take away the energy and health from physical bodies. Animals may also have karma. And they are very sensitive to external energy impact.

When I, for example, removed the low astral entities from different dog’s bodies, dogs, usually froze in place, and then come up and put their head on my feet. And when I have cleared the horse’s soul from curses (destructive emotions of people), the horse came close to me and nodded his head in gratitude.

One lovely lady didn’t know how to behave with her dog and she was dissatisfied, because the dog rushed at all people and animals, barking and biting. After her frequent outbreaks of irritations, the dog became even more nervous and scandalous. Every time I check the status of the dog and I saw that the soul and the emotional body are in disharmony, because “mommy” was angry and swore. In this case, the bad emotions of the owner destroyed the aura of the dog and the dog was suffering. When the owner realized the causes and consequences of the behavior and ailments of her four-legged friend, she began to try to control her thoughts. And her dog became quiet.

Animals, like humans, have a different number of reincarnations. If a dog, for example, has a first or a second life on earth, he/she will have less developed intelligence and restless behavior. The owner of the dog will have to pay more attention to this dog than to another one that has 3, 4, 5 reincarnations.

Kiwi came into our family for her accelerated evolution. In the next life, she probably would like to become a human being.

Here is an interesting point. If the dogs (and other animals) have a sufficient number of reincarnations of the soul, they are more interested in life and nature than other dogs which react negatively to everything and unreasonably bark.

And if one of them is lucky enough to become a human after several dog evolutions, then a man with a young human soul will begin training on a different level with endless lessons. And unfulfilled lessons will go from one life to another, and people will continue to grind their feelings, emotions, like diamond facets, and fill their ego (a piece of the emotional body) with the cosmic light.

This is the evolution of the soul and consciousness.

When people pick up the maximum number of material lives (84 of them), they will be ready to begin the path of spiritual development. They will bring their skills, habits, and the accumulated experience into their 85th life, which would be their first life on a spiritual level. Therefore, it is difficult to change immediately all of the old habits, to understand the cause-and-effect relationship of their failures and diseases. And a new spiritual human would need many different spiritual teachers during his several future lives. Because without learning how to help themselves and change themselves will be difficult to become independent and self-sufficient.

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What’s your choice

As a spiritual diagnostician with many years of experience, I was interested in:

identify the reasons why people agreed to take the Covid-vaccine,

diagnose their energetic state of body, soul, and spirit before and after vaccination, and

continue to observe further changes in the health status of the body and soul of those people.

If spiritual people said that they decided to be vaccinated so that they could travel, I understood that this was not their inner desire and that neither their soul nor their hearts made such a decision. I found out that

1. people born on the material level (young souls) easily decide to be vaccinated. They blindly trust the authority of doctors and the media, and because destructive entities have lived in their bodies for some time. Such entities have clouded the human mind and easily influenced men’s opinions about vaccines.

2. Another group of people – people born with a spiritual level, those who have more than 84 reincarnations and who are no longer considered young souls. Reasons why they agreed to be vaccinated:

a) if a person already had several Divine spirits before vaccination. Let me remind you that each person should have only one Divine spirit, which contains a set of individual evolutionary programs.

When a person does not evolve, then the vibration frequency of the Divine spirit decreases, the spirit becomes passive and stops feeding the human being with cosmic energy (Yang).

So the individual creates for themselves the karma of the Divine spirit and gradually ceases to understand how to manage the situations of their personal life. Events begin to present various undesirable surprises, and the consciousness of a person can already be controlled by anyone, but not themselves.

When the destination is not fulfilled, when the soul does not develop, then the first Divine spirit loses its vital activity, and dead stagnant energy will be formed in the human body. The second Divine spirit comes to the rescue. If the first has not been removed, then two conflicting sets of life programs will be formed in a person – active and inactive.

A person who begins to degrade may have a third, a fourth, etc. divine spirits, then in this case a person turns on a program to destroy their soul and body. A person’s polarity changes.

This leads them to a state of terrible depression and to suicidal thoughts and moods because several spirits with different energies cannot get along in one body. And doctors diagnose such people – a split personality.

b) When destructive entities have lived in a person for some time, having established various viral programs in the brain that greatly affect the mind and lead a person to rapid degradation. It is they who instill in a person fears that if they do not get vaccinated, then they will be fired from work, their child will not be allowed to school, etc.

c) having destructive entities, as well as dark energy received from evil eyes, curses, and ritual curses, the soul of a person and the soul of his consciousness, begin to lose their particles. The souls become incomplete.

Moreover, such a soul can collect fragments of completely alien souls, and it becomes more difficult for a person to understand their true essence. The more energy the fragments of other people’s souls have, the more they affect the consciousness of a person and the development of their own soul. Fragments of other people’s souls can cause mental problems.

An unvaccinated person will be able to restore the health of their divine spirit, expel entities, and restore the integration of their souls and souls of consciousness. But after receiving any Covid vaccine, these processes become irreversible.

Soul particles leave the soul of such people forever and do not return to their toxic bodies. In addition, even more, destructive entities enter the body of vaccinated people. People’s brain begins to fill with distorted light, a person becomes more irritable and less sociable. Although such people will try to appear as friendly in public as they were before, and the changes in their behavior will not be particularly noticeable.

The energy centers (chakras) are also gradually closing.

 I found that in some people the chakras stopped functioning by 50% two weeks after vaccination (for some, this process is faster, for others, it is slower). This means that organs and cells will begin to receive less and less Yin-Yang energy. How this will affect the work of all systems, organs, cells, I think, I do not need to describe.

One couple I know decided to get vaccinated without worrying too much about the consequences. They assured themselves that in this way they would be able to freely travel to different countries and that soon after receiving the vaccine, they would begin to meditate intensively, be able to remove poisons from the body, restore health and continue their evolutionary path.

But, firstly, they did not know about the existence of destructive entities living in them, which installed destructive programs in their brains.

Secondly, they did not know that their soul and the soul of their mind, as, in fact, the rest of the souls (subtle bodies, systems, organs, cells) even before vaccination lost their particles and particles of completely alien souls were stuck in their souls; they didn’t know that after receiving the vaccine, souls would no longer be able to regain their integrity. As I already wrote, these are irreversible consequences.

Thirdly, repeated trips to shamans for ayahuasca ceremonies have connected these people with different kinds of spirits and entities that feed on the energy of such people. People unknowingly connect to low spirits and entities through a resonant channel and become an energy feeder.

This is how it is.

Dr. Coleman says in his video that the energetics of vaccinated people will soon negatively affect the health and mood of unvaccinated people (click on his name to watch the video).

A friend of mine, Nikki sent me a message, ‘I have had a few clients contact me as they have been suffering from menstrual issues just being around vaccinated family members. A lot of them are getting excessive bleeding’.

Quite recently, the Forces of Light gave me advice on what exactly needs to be done for health in order not to be exposed to the toxic energy of vaccinated people.

I am still in the process of this experiment, and when I finish it and get a decent result, I am sure that the Higher Forces will definitely allow me to share information with other people who want to save and protect their health.

Everything that I mentioned in this article (about entities; the integrity of souls; the work of energy centers; evil eyes, ritual curses; about the number of divine spirits; phantoms, resonant channels with shamans, magicians, psychics, etc., and much more) is written in detail in my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing, where self-healing practices are also given.

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Conversation with the Creator about harmful radiation

– Creator, You told me that due to the oversaturation of the Earth’s space with low-frequency radiation, many people begin to feel unpleasant symptoms, such as sudden fatigue, heaviness in the head, nausea, and mood swings. Explain what is happening.

– There were and are different types of radiation. We’re going to talk about the kind of radiation that has appeared since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

What happens in a person’s subtle structures when they receive a dose of the vaccine? The struggle between two opposing forces/energies begins in the human body. Cellular consciousness cannot understand who is attacking them and how to cope with this introduced artificial intelligence.

The Divine spirit of each person is trying very hard to cleanse the body of the energy of an alien substance.

The spirit pushes this energy infection out of the human body. And harmful to human health and nature, energy pollution comes out of human bodies and fills the space of the Earth, in the form of a kind of bad low-frequency radiation.

Such radiation moves around the space of the planet and can break through the protective energy fields of Unvaccinated people. After that, the bodies of these people absorb harmful radiation from space like a sponge.

A strong concentration of these radiations exists where there are a lot of people – in shops and other public places. 

At the same time, an Unvaccinated person begins to suffer from a lack of strength, loss of energy, and emotional imbalance and unwittingly becomes a CARRIER of the same harmful radiation as vaccinated ones.

Why? Because when an Unvaccinated person absorbs harmful radiation, their Divine spirit will also begin to displace alien energy from their bodies. And not being energetically cleansed in time, such a person can harm other Unvaccinated people during meetings and communications, even over the phone.

– So, the Divine Spirit heals a person in this situation as well?

– You can call it healing because the Divine spirit is trying its best to cleanse the host’s body of the invading negative energy, with which neither the spirit nor the person resonates. But by purifying the vaccinated body from these radiations, the Divine spirit is rapidly depleted. The Divine spirit loses the ability to heal damaged cells, in the DNA of which information penetrates that goes against the original programs for the development and evolution of this person.

Yes, the world of Inferno (demonic world) has greatly advanced in its destructive technologies. How can Unvaccinated people restore themselves?

– You need to understand the current situation in the world, and it has become more important than ever before, to learn to monitor your emotional and energy state. If necessary, it is important to purify your physical body, subtle bodies, and the space around you, as you do, Elena and those who use your method of purification from harmful radiation. The energy of all of you after that is instantly restored.

As I said, the Divine spirit in Unvaccinated people can cleanse the body of the host on its own without special practice, but it takes time. And during this time, the energy of destructive radiation can harm weakened organs, if there are any.

In addition, the soul and souls of the organs are afraid of such alien energy and their particles can leave the soul of a person or the souls of many/all organs, cells, and so on (everything has a soul). Then you will have to restore the integrity of all demerged souls.

And, let me remind your readers that it is much more difficult for a vaccinated person to return the lost pieces of their souls, in many cases it is impossible.

– I know that a lot of people were just forced to get vaccinated so as not to lose their jobs. Even their “freedom of choice”, and “freedom of will” did not help them to avoid “anti-Covid” injections.

– People have forgotten about cosmic laws, and what they call “freedom of choice and will”, I would call it “freedom of weak will.” The further path of the soul of each person will depend on any decision made.

The evolution of souls will continue on different planes of existence unless any of the souls are decoded because of their complete degradation.

– Creator, can you name in Hertz the frequency of vibrations of those radiations that come out, as You say, from vaccinated people and with which the near-Earth space is filled?

– After taking the imposed vaccines, these human bodies begin to produce radiation of extremely low frequency.

Drug addicts, alcoholics, and murderers live comfortably at such frequency.

If the body vibration frequency in ordinary people before vaccination was plus or minus 170-750 Hz, then after the injections, the body vibration frequency drops to 7-135 Hz.

After injections, a person can become an open feeder for various destructive entities. However, entities also do not like the energy of these drugs with heavy programs. After being in the human body for a while, leaving there its energy-informational damage and not finding the usual “food” for themselves, the entities leave these human bodies but continue to live among you, or in some of you.

– How will this covid story end?

– It will end with a new path for a new race. For thousands of years, the Light Forces and I have had to make a lot of efforts so that this planet and humanity continue to live on creative energies, producing high-frequency light.

In recent years, what has happened is that those people who were previously able to contact me and my heavenly helpers, after vaccination, began to irrevocably lose touch with Heaven and Earth.

It becomes difficult for the conscious mind of most vaccinated people to perceive information from higher dimensions, such people attract distorted or outdated information to themselves, convincing themselves and others that everything is fine with them, that they continue to hear, feel, and be aware. However, the quality of hearing, feeling, and awareness has already changed, believe Me.

Such people begin to see the world as if through glasses with a blurred focus. Many of them are sure that they are as light emitting as before. But this is not true. If before vaccination a person was already emotionally unstable, then after vaccination some information/advice from others is even more difficult for them to perceive adequately.

My heavenly helpers and Me are constantly sending special codes to the “Higher Self” of a human. But the “Higher Selves” of vaccinated people stop transforming these codes into thought energy in their brain.

– Creator, You have said that the Divine spirit of each person purifies our bodies of harmful radiation, and this heavy energy pollutes the space of the Earth.  Is our planet capable of self-purification?

– The Earth also has a Divine spirit that purifies the Earth inside and out.

The situation developed as follows: when masses of people go to be vaccinated, huge clouds of energy slags form in the space of the Earth. They were, as I said, pushed out of human bodies with the help of their own Divine spirit. At such moments, it was difficult for the Earth to cope with purification on its own. Help was needed through my guides, like you, Elena. I am grateful to all My children who helped the planet in this.

You all must always remember that Mother Earth gives you physical health. Do everything in your power to make sure that both you and your planet emit light. Because it is only through light all of you interact with all galaxies and universes, with celestial helpers, and with Me.

Don’t be afraid of life. Don’t be afraid to live.

If you think about fears, you create fears. If you are angry, you are seeding the Earth with evil.

When you think of the Light, you radiate Light, and you become Light.

There is nothing eternal, except for Eternity itself and life in it.

– Many thanks to You, dear Creator, from all of us!

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Good news for all of us. 10.10.22

Recently, I reported in an article that a phenomenal event occurred on September 19, 22 – the entire world of Inferno (the demonic world) expressed a desire to move from the earthly plane to a completely different galaxy. The Creator granted the wish.

For more than 4 thousand years, the Infernal World has ruled over evil on Earth and supported any actions to incite quarrels, wars, fears, diseases, etc.

However, after Inferno left the earthly plane, demonic entities continue to live in negative people, although no organizers of the demonic world no longer control these entities, they do not give them strength and support from those people who also have a lot of evil and ignorance.

It was from this moment that the long-awaited time began when the Forces of Light begin to triumph over the forces of darkness. Evil in people will gradually weaken, as no one will continue to support and kindle the fire.

In addition, after the Earth was freed from the instigators of evil, the energy practices of practitioners ceased to have any obstacles to their healing and recovery. You remember that first, you need to heal your subtle-energy structure, and then begin the treatment of weakened organs.

Here I hasten to inform you that even vaccinated people can begin their healing, which was not envisaged before, before the departure of Inferno.

In the Holistic Diagnosis section, I posted new information:

  1. Finally, the time has come when a vaccinated person can return all their lost pieces of soul themselves. In all vaccinated people, their souls and the souls of all their organs, and cells (individual diagnosis is detected by diagnosis) have lost their integrity. That is many soul particles scattered throughout space (some lost more particles, others less) after receiving the anti-covid vaccine. Upon returning the souls to their integrity (read the article about the integrity of the soul), it will be easier for you to heal your weakened body.
  2. Do you want to know how to cleanse yourself from the harmful radiation that continues to come out of vaccinated people and, accumulating in earthy space and in all public places, it negatively affects your well-being? I can help you find out how much your physical body, aura, and subtle bodies are filled with these harmful radiations now and tell you how to purify yourself or protect yourself from these radiations so as not to lose or independently return your vitality. Even if you have been vaccinated, the amount of radiation around you in public places can make you feel physically and mentally worse.

Stay healthy!