Informational Virus. Influenza Virus

In the early days of February 2024, an informational virus was launched throughout the earthly space. Upon infection, all symptoms in a person indicate influenza.

Those who consider themselves rulers of the planet intentionally infect the environment with this virus through the 5G system. A person acquires the virus through computers, phones, TVs, and the surrounding space.

Not long ago, I wrote an article about how people have started living in energies of different dimensions (even family members can be at different energy levels within one dimension or can even live in different dimensions altogether but under one roof; emotionally challenging, indeed).

Recently, I found out that on January 15, 2024, the Source (Creator) opened the doors to the energies of the 6th dimension, where I was immediately moved from the 5th as a pioneer. The 6th dimension has many more energetic levels than the 5th, but only the initial ones are currently accessible (if anyone besides me finds this interesting).

On March 16, information showed me that over the past one and a half months, the space of the 3rd dimension has been filled with the informational virus by 100%; the space of the 4th dimension – by 50%, and even a small percentage of this virus leaked into the spaces of the 5th and 6th dimensions, which I had to experience firsthand.

To understand what was happening, I had to feel this virus, otherwise I would have continued like everyone else, attributing it to the flu and treating myself with folk remedies. I did so, but this time the headache and weakness in my body lasted for several days. The symptoms would disappear, and I thought I had finally recovered, only for the headache to return with renewed intensity until I sought knowledge from the informational Source (Creator).

Malicious virus technologies are constantly evolving, and the ability of viruses to penetrate through any energy density is also increasing. The Source indicated that from time to time, it would be advisable for me to continue monitoring the energetic purity, but only of the 5th and 6th dimensions; cleansing the energy of other dimensions is no longer my task.

Emotionally unstable adults and children absorb energy like this informational virus into their energy field more quickly than others and can also be carriers of the virus. But each of us needs to learn to recognize the causes of our discomforts to effectively rid ourselves of them and recover quickly (nothing new here).

To date, many people are infected with this virus. In early June, there will be a new release of the same informational virus through the same 5G.

In conclusion:

if you are ill, feel flu symptoms, and have started treating it with conventional methods, do not forget that it is now also necessary to remove the programs of the informational virus that are programmed to keep you sick and prevent recovery.

The virus infects a person’s space first, their aura, subtle bodies, and the entire energy structure. After that, cells deform, brain activity is disrupted, blood circulation weakens, and so on. Any remedies for flu and colds only suppress the symptoms, while the cause – the program for prolonged cold – remains inside the body.

Medications will suppress the flu, but the duration of the illness may seem endless. It’s like closing the drain in a sink filled with dirty water and adding clean water; the water still won’t become clean. After cleansing oneself from the implanted informational virus, one must continue treating cold symptoms with any cold remedies, as the body was under the hypnotic influence of this flu.

It’s serious. Stay informed.

For those transitioning to the energies of the 5th dimension and unsure of which steps to take, ask me. The Source told me that They would help these people find their direction through me. By helping you, I will also learn a lot of new things. If you’re unsure whether you’re already in the energies of the 5th dimension, write and ask me; I’ll diagnose you and answer.


During my meditation, there was such a dialogue between me and the Creator:

– Lena, I am very pleased that you allow me to see everything through your eyes, to enjoy through you and with you everything that amazes and delights you.

– Creator, You said that I have the responsibility to help people of the 5th dimension find their path. Will you be involved in this?

– I said that I would be delighted to see through your eyes, hear and feel everything through you, and also help people find their direction through you. However, I did not mention any “responsibility”; you want to shoulder this burden again. I do not participate in this, and I advise against it. From now on, you are free to choose – if you want, help; if you don’t, don’t. If the desire weighs you down, let it go. Remember – in the new space, you are free from any “must.” It was and remains in other dimensions.


  1. Валентина Белинская | 18th Mar 24

    Спасибо за интересную и ценнейшую информацию, Леночек! Как говорится, кто предупрежден о происходящем и грядущем, тот вооружён знаниями, переданными тобой через Творца! Благодарю!

    • Elena Alekseeva | 20th Mar 24

      You are so welcome! No one will care about us, only ourselves. So, take care, Valechka.

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