The outflow of human energy to the planets

If you are mindful of your energy state, I want to remind you that there is a periodic outflow of energy to the planets. If this outflow is not stopped, it can lead to the illnesses listed below.

If you are interested in astrological forecasts, you often come across the term “retrograde.” Google explains: “Retrograde motion is motion in the direction opposite to the direction of direct motion. This term can refer to the direction of rotation of one body around another in orbit or the rotation of a body around its axis, as well as other orbital parameters such as precession and nutation.”

So, most often, the outflow of energies and the impact on organs and systems occur during the retrograde motion of planets, creating opposition in a person. Subsequently, the connection between the Earth and the cosmos is lost, meaning the person ceases to receive the necessary amount of energy from the Earth (Yin) and cosmic creative energy (Yang).

The frequency of vibrations of the human body decreases as a result, compounded by numerous other reasons. In these cases, it is necessary to learn to balance energies concerning any particular planet and regain lost strength.

This can be done by anyone.

One of the methods you can use is described on the website. However, there can be many reasons for energy outflows. This is just one of them.


  • Sun: Gastrointestinal tract, duodenum, liver, pancreas.
  • Mars: Lungs, heart, low blood pressure.
  • Venus: Genitourinary system.
  • Mercury: Thyroid, throat.
  • Saturn: Closure of the left hemisphere.
  • Moon: Emotional problems.
  • Neptune: Spine problems.
  • Proserpina: Eczema, psoriasis, skin diseases.
  • Chiron: Influences hormone production and immunity, governs biological balance, and affects disease form, and consciousness.
  • Pluto: Governs nucleic acids.
  • Black Moon (Lilith, Moon’s orbit point): Attracts pathology caused by resonances of other planets, exacerbates any disease, contributes to the manifestation of severe heredity, and influences artificially (magically) induced diseases.
  • Earth: Cancer.
  • Uranus: Can lead to kidney diseases.

We help ourselves by being in silence and calming our emotions and thoughts. Speak the words:

  • Right now, I invoke the Creator of all, come to me! (Wait a few seconds for your connection with Him). Creator, take me and the planet (name) into your hands. Lay me on one of your palms and the planet (name) on the other. Fill me and the planet with the necessary amount of your divine energy. Let the planet have enough of only your energy for its life. The energies with which you fill me, let them remain only in me for my life. Creator, balance the energies between me and the planet now. (Inhale several times divine energies into yourself, let them spread throughout your body, returning and restoring your life forces.) And while you are still in the hands of the Creator, say the words:
  • Right now, the Creator has filled me with the necessary energies of Yin and Yang (inhale several times into yourself). The Creator raised the frequency of vibrations of my entire body. Thank you. Done! Done! Done!

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