Moving into a new home with ghosts. Relocating souls.

Informational Virus. Influenza Virus

What does it mean to live in the energies of the fifth dimension?

Spreading our wings to fly in new dimensions in 2024

The outflow of human energy to the planets

Restless and wandering souls

Correspondence with a friend. The miracle happened faster than expected

Installation of the new matrix programs has begun

3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions. What is it? Where are they? Who lives in which dimension?

Are you ready for a transformation?

The new vibrational frequency of the Earth! Hurry up to tune in.

Good news for vaccinated people and all of us.

Conversation with the Creator about harmful radiation

What’s your choice (about anti-covid vaccines)

Reincarnation of animals and humans


The subtle planes of existence

Types of diseases according to Agni-Yoga

Activate your miraculous abilities

Fragments of others’ souls in yours, and lost fragments of your own soul

The world of Divine evolution and the Inferno

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