Conversation with the Creator about harmful radiation

– Creator, You told me that due to the oversaturation of the Earth’s space with low-frequency radiation, many people begin to feel unpleasant symptoms, such as sudden fatigue, heaviness in the head, nausea, and mood swings. Explain what is happening.

– There were and are different types of radiation. We’re going to talk about the kind of radiation that has appeared since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

What happens in a person’s subtle structures when they receive a dose of the vaccine? The struggle between two opposing forces/energies begins in the human body. Cellular consciousness cannot understand who is attacking them and how to cope with this introduced artificial intelligence.

The Divine spirit of each person is trying very hard to cleanse the body of the energy of an alien substance.

The spirit pushes this energy infection out of the human body. And harmful to human health and nature, energy pollution comes out of human bodies and fills the space of the Earth, in the form of a kind of bad low-frequency radiation.

Such radiation moves around the space of the planet and can break through the protective energy fields of Unvaccinated people. After that, the bodies of these people absorb harmful radiation from space like a sponge.

A strong concentration of these radiations exists where there are a lot of people – in shops and other public places. 

At the same time, an Unvaccinated person begins to suffer from a lack of strength, loss of energy, and emotional imbalance and unwittingly becomes a CARRIER of the same harmful radiation as vaccinated ones.

Why? Because when an Unvaccinated person absorbs harmful radiation, their Divine spirit will also begin to displace alien energy from their bodies. And not being energetically cleansed in time, such a person can harm other Unvaccinated people during meetings and communications, even over the phone.

– So, the Divine Spirit heals a person in this situation as well?

– You can call it healing because the Divine spirit is trying its best to cleanse the host’s body of the invading negative energy, with which neither the spirit nor the person resonates. But by purifying the vaccinated body from these radiations, the Divine spirit is rapidly depleted. The Divine spirit loses the ability to heal damaged cells, in the DNA of which information penetrates that goes against the original programs for the development and evolution of this person.

Yes, the world of Inferno (demonic world) has greatly advanced in its destructive technologies. How can Unvaccinated people restore themselves?

– You need to understand the current situation in the world, and it has become more important than ever before, to learn to monitor your emotional and energy state. If necessary, it is important to purify your physical body, subtle bodies, and the space around you, as you do, Elena and those who use your method of purification from harmful radiation. The energy of all of you after that is instantly restored.

As I said, the Divine spirit in Unvaccinated people can cleanse the body of the host on its own without special practice, but it takes time. And during this time, the energy of destructive radiation can harm weakened organs, if there are any.

In addition, the soul and souls of the organs are afraid of such alien energy and their particles can leave the soul of a person or the souls of many/all organs, cells, and so on (everything has a soul). Then you will have to restore the integrity of all demerged souls.

And, let me remind your readers that it is much more difficult for a vaccinated person to return the lost pieces of their souls, in many cases it is impossible.

– I know that a lot of people were just forced to get vaccinated so as not to lose their jobs. Even their “freedom of choice”, and “freedom of will” did not help them to avoid “anti-Covid” injections.

– People have forgotten about cosmic laws, and what they call “freedom of choice and will”, I would call it “freedom of weak will.” The further path of the soul of each person will depend on any decision made.

The evolution of souls will continue on different planes of existence unless any of the souls are decoded because of their complete degradation.

– Creator, can you name in Hertz the frequency of vibrations of those radiations that come out, as You say, from vaccinated people and with which the near-Earth space is filled?

– After taking the imposed vaccines, these human bodies begin to produce radiation of extremely low frequency.

Drug addicts, alcoholics, and murderers live comfortably at such frequency.

If the body vibration frequency in ordinary people before vaccination was plus or minus 170-750 Hz, then after the injections, the body vibration frequency drops to 7-135 Hz.

After injections, a person can become an open feeder for various destructive entities. However, entities also do not like the energy of these drugs with heavy programs. After being in the human body for a while, leaving there its energy-informational damage and not finding the usual “food” for themselves, the entities leave these human bodies but continue to live among you, or in some of you.

– How will this covid story end?

– It will end with a new path for a new race. For thousands of years, the Light Forces and I have had to make a lot of efforts so that this planet and humanity continue to live on creative energies, producing high-frequency light.

In recent years, what has happened is that those people who were previously able to contact me and my heavenly helpers, after vaccination, began to irrevocably lose touch with Heaven and Earth.

It becomes difficult for the conscious mind of most vaccinated people to perceive information from higher dimensions, such people attract distorted or outdated information to themselves, convincing themselves and others that everything is fine with them, that they continue to hear, feel, and be aware. However, the quality of hearing, feeling, and awareness has already changed, believe Me.

Such people begin to see the world as if through glasses with a blurred focus. Many of them are sure that they are as light emitting as before. But this is not true. If before vaccination a person was already emotionally unstable, then after vaccination some information/advice from others is even more difficult for them to perceive adequately.

My heavenly helpers and Me are constantly sending special codes to the “Higher Self” of a human. But the “Higher Selves” of vaccinated people stop transforming these codes into thought energy in their brain.

– Creator, You have said that the Divine spirit of each person purifies our bodies of harmful radiation, and this heavy energy pollutes the space of the Earth.  Is our planet capable of self-purification?

– The Earth also has a Divine spirit that purifies the Earth inside and out.

The situation developed as follows: when masses of people go to be vaccinated, huge clouds of energy slags form in the space of the Earth. They were, as I said, pushed out of human bodies with the help of their own Divine spirit. At such moments, it was difficult for the Earth to cope with purification on its own. Help was needed through my guides, like you, Elena. I am grateful to all My children who helped the planet in this.

You all must always remember that Mother Earth gives you physical health. Do everything in your power to make sure that both you and your planet emit light. Because it is only through light all of you interact with all galaxies and universes, with celestial helpers, and with Me.

Don’t be afraid of life. Don’t be afraid to live.

If you think about fears, you create fears. If you are angry, you are seeding the Earth with evil.

When you think of the Light, you radiate Light, and you become Light.

There is nothing eternal, except for Eternity itself and life in it.

– Many thanks to You, dear Creator, from all of us!

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