Spreading our wings to fly in new dimensions in 2024

The year 2024 will set the tone for our thoughts and actions as follows:

    If I were to think as I have never thought before, how would I think?

    If I were to do something I have never done before, how would I do it?

In 2024, it will become clear whether a person remains in the energies of the third dimension or takes the leap into the energies of the fourth dimension. Those who can notice this are precisely those who can say “no” to life by the template. For others, life will appear unchanged.

Many, skeptical of anything new, will jump between the third and fourth “floors” (dimensions) throughout the year. These runners are eager not to miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what awaits them on that fourth floor. Due to their ability to alter their consciousness to some extent, they will have the opportunity to exist in the fourth dimension. However, their visits to that fourth “floor” will mostly be to, let’s say, cook soup and immediately return to the third “floor” to finish their old soup cooked a week ago. Old habits die hard.

In the third dimension, the “anchors” of these runners are their relatives. Runners believe that they are constantly OBLIGATED to do something for their relatives. These debt-based setups hold them in a tight grip. To avoid remaining in the diminishing energy of the third “floor,” these people need to first free themselves from mental debts as if breaking free from shackles. Otherwise, they will continue consuming their old soup.

Some runners will persist in comparing and evaluating (but not appreciating) life on the third and fourth “floors” and, not seeing much difference, will settle down, telling themselves the same words constantly uttered by the inhabitants of the third dimension:

    I don’t believe in all this nonsense! I’m tired of predictors who constantly talk about some changes for the better. Why should I change anything in myself? Everything is fine with me without that. So what if I am sick? Everyone has an illness. Everyone argues and reconciles, born and dies. There’s nothing new. Let these dreamers go through their transitions, and I’ll watch them from here…

    They certainly won’t be able to think as they have never thought before and do something they have never done before.

Fears in consciousness, as well as disbelief, will prevent a person from moving into higher-dimensional energies. Moreover, it is important to remember that a person cannot hear the voice of their soul if the soul is not whole. People often convince themselves and others that they listen to and hear their Higher Self, or the voice of the soul, or intuition. In reality, they hear the voices of those alien particles of foreign souls that settled in their souls because the souls of these people lost their particles for various reasons (you can read about it in this article).

In 2024, the number of those who find it burdensome to communicate and resonate with those living in the energies of the third and fourth dimensions will increase. The accumulated constructive energy of these people will seek and find ways to merge with the new energy streams of the fifth dimension.

It is to them that the Creator will set new matrix programs for their life in the 6th race.

The souls of such people will gladly help them find ways to interact with the surrounding world. At different stages, these people will also manifest themselves differently because energetic currents will propel individuals forward in various directions and levels of multidimensionality, where feelings and understandings will differ each time from the previous ones.

These people will finally spread their wings for constructive deeds, becoming free and open to receiving the results of their efforts. They will easily sense when someone wants to drain their life energy with negative behavior and will protect their source of life, avoiding places where the energy of evil resides (at the intersection of worlds).

The love energy accumulated in the energetic field of such individuals will fearlessly protect them and their loved ones from negative people and situations when necessary.

A long time ago, in one of my articles, I wrote about how important it is what thoughts and emotions about your child are present in your head when the child is somewhere far from you. If you are afraid for them, you send destructive energy – fears that will attract troubles to the child, “thanks” to you (this will be present and remain in the life of the third dimension). Conversely, nothing will happen to the child if you use your love to create a strong energetic field around them with your confidence in them. Children are protected by Higher Forces from birth. And you either help your children or destroy their protective force.

Those who choose to remain in the energies of the third dimension will be a thorn in the side of their loved ones transitioning to higher-dimensional energies. Even if everyone starts thinking about whether there is more constructive or destructive in them right now, at this moment, it will already be a positive step.

And there is no need to pull anyone in any direction. A man is not a stocking, but he can tear too.

If a person’s soul has decided to leave Earth to be born in a new dimension, it will do so whether we want it to or not. Everyone has their path, and it should not resemble yours or the one you devised for your loved ones. Wherever you are, spread your wings for your flights. And there will be flights, whether you believe in them or not.

Have fun.