First, let’s define what kinds of diseases exist. According to Agni Yoga, there are three kinds of illnesses: allowed illness (developed illness), karmic illness, and diseases of spiritual development. Each of them has its own impact on the four levels of human health: body, energy, soul, and spirit.

Agni Yoga is mystical teaching developed by Nicholas and Helena Roerich between 1924 and 1938. According to the Roerich’s, they were given the teaching by the mysterious Mahatmas who reside in Shambhala in the Himalayas (in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a mythical kingdom). In Agni Yoga, a Mahatma is a highly advanced spiritual master who possesses occult knowledge and who participates consciously in the spiritual evolution of the Earth.

Developed/Allowed diseases

The following diseases are caused by imbalances in the psychic centers: ignorance and inconsiderate actions; the abuse of food, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs; as well as other excesses—all of which cause harm the body can no longer handle.

Considering the generally low level of consciousness in most people, an epidemic can spread rapidly. Every thought causes a reaction in the body. The purer a person’s thoughts are, the stronger and healthier that person’s psychic energy is—and, as a consequence, the stronger their immune system is. In someone with a weak psyche, an insignificant illness can become grave. It’s hard to restore health to your psyche if you live in an unhealthy environment. This is because being surrounded by sick people who are focused only on their own problems increases a person’s paranoia and makes their condition worse. In ancient times, one of the popular methods of healing was for a sick person to remain isolated in solitude, communicating only with surrounding nature until relief came. Sick animals do the same.

Nutrition plays an important role in the development of allowed diseases. A body filled with the poison of decomposing meat is a fertile ground for all diseases. Pure food is of great importance and acts as a shield against sickness when the psyche is healthy.

The German physician and philosopher Paracelsus wrote in the fifteenth century about the accumulation of poisons in the body and the need to purge them: “Rheumatism and gout, dropsy, and many other diseases are often caused by such accumulations of impure or superfluous elements, and Nature cannot recover until such elements are expelled and the vital power of the organs restored.”

Negative character traits can also lead to sickness. The more negative emotions a person experiences, the more he is dominated by astral entities.

To summarize: Allowed diseases stem from the weakness of the spirit and a lack of understanding of human nature, as well as from some unnatural traditions existing in society. Most bad habits and false beliefs are found in young souls—people who have lived a small number of previous lives as human beings on Earth. Most of their troubles are due to the youth of their spirit.

Usually, allowed diseases are treated easily using traditional therapy and surgery. To avoid these diseases, you should educate yourself and work to awaken your consciousness. Knowledge and intuition will help you find your way. From the point of view of subtle bodies, allowed diseases can be viewed as a result of disharmony in the soul, bodily spirit, and Divine spirit, as well as in a lack of proper information and energy exchange between them. (See ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing Part II, Chapter 12: A healthy bodily spirit as a foundation of a healthy body.)

Karmic diseases

Karma is any action that is not caused by love. Selfless deeds can never become karma.

Karmic diseases are mostly diseases of the soul and the spirit, which in turn cause illnesses of the body. They arise when a person’s consciousness is out of step with the spirit of the times. When a person doesn’t understand or doesn’t follow cosmic laws or signs sent by the Supreme Intelligence and the Light Forces, he ends up with a karmic disease.

Diseases of the soul and the spirit should be healed, not treated.

Their causes have to do with karmic debt, which is generated by so-called human weaknesses. These weaknesses are expressed in thoughts, words, and deeds; in negative emotions and violations of the Higher Spiritual Laws and commandments, both in current life and in previous incarnations. Diseases of the soul and the spirit don’t arise out of anything: People accumulate them through wrong actions, by blaming others, or by refusing to accept situations and other people as they are. People force their opinions on their kids, husbands, and wives; they are unable to forgive, and they go against the principles of moderation and fairness. Karmic diseases reside in the spirit, soul, and in the causal (or karmic) field. They are all about the excessive idealization of worldly values, wrong beliefs, outdated and unhealthy traditions, and creating idols for oneself. But most importantly, our consciously negative actions cause genetic issues. The human spirit still isn’t free from animal instincts or from idealizing worldly values, outdated traditions, or erroneous convictions.

You don’t choose to have bad heredity; you get it in accordance with your spirit’s level of development. Inherited diseases are transmitted by genus. If parents already carry information failures, such as the evil eye, curses, or family karma, for example, then karmic diseases will manifest in their children on several planes: emotional, mental, and physical.

However, bodily conditions aren’t always a result of past “sins.” Sometimes, highly-evolved spirits choose disabled bodies for their incarnations, becoming so-called “beatific people,” in order to destroy entrenched idealized or erroneous beliefs and to awaken the consciousness in people around them, in their parents, or in their relatives.

It’s important to understand that the root cause of karmic disease lies in discord between the soul and the spirit. Physical disease is but a consequence, the visible part of the proverbial iceberg. To get to karmic programs, you have to pass the emotional/astral and mental bodies: You need to uncover the causes of the destructive program and rectify your mistakes. By improving and amending one’s character, it’s possible to repair one’s relationships with others (karmic partners). If you change your attitude toward money, material things, power, popularity, and otherworldly goods, you can get rid of more karmic diseases.

The Creator has given human beings complete freedom of action— even if it leads to death, it’s their choice—and every person’s choices should be treated with respect and understanding.

If the human spirit has a small number of reincarnations on Earth, this is a young spirit. The spirit learns from many of its own mistakes. Otherwise, how would the spirit acquire the necessary human life experience? Many people try to protect their kids and loved ones from any harm. Their intentions are good, but as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Nobody—not your parents, not your grandparents, not your spouse —has the right to interfere with your life and impose their views on you. Everyone has their own program and path.

It’s not recommended to try to eliminate others’ karmic diseases just because you want it or think it is necessary. Before dealing with a karmic disease, you need to understand what a person did to get it. If, for example, a patient doesn’t realize their errors, by helping them, a healer will simply shift the illness to a different level temporarily.

First and foremost, a patient needs to understand that the most important thing is to learn how to change themselves. They have to learn their own life lessons, and no one must obstruct this process by trying to heal a person who doesn’t want to help themselves. A karmic disease is an informational virus, therefore official medicine is helpless against it.

No one canceled the Law of Karma: Everyone should be responsible for their thoughts and actions and cleanse their causal body through awareness and correction of their own mistakes. Life doesn’t send you more than you can bear. Suffering makes your spirit stronger. We learn and discover the laws of the Universe (See ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing‘ Part II, Chapter 22: Does Karma exist?).

Diseases of spiritual development (sacred)

These diseases are linked to the development of higher energy centers and spiritual transformation. They are called “sacred” because they lead to a person’s informational and energy structures becoming subtler: One evolves without even realizing it. This process is a sign of the future transmutation of humanity. The only cure for such an illness is time and rest. Once the transmutation of energy centers and organs is complete, the pain disappears by itself.

Diseases of spiritual development are a side-effect of the advancement of the spirit and an increased ability to overcome difficulty. They are given to us according to the strength of our spirit; their appearance indicates that the spirit is growing and maturing. Why give a person vital strength if they have nothing to spend it on? Well-being and a quiet life are the death for the spirit (that is, if the spirit is passive, then a person, in his calm life, does not fulfill the life programs embedded in his spirit).

Overcoming a disease in your spirit is a special state of consciousness when the spirit isn’t broken or ruled by the disease—on the contrary, it maintains its vigor, equilibrium, and composure. In this case, the will is activated to shield the physical body: It creates a sort of a protective net and uses all its weapons to fight the disease.

Your physical body needs attention constantly. Every sick organ requires care, and you have to remind it of its purpose. Never give up when you are confronted with an illness—in your mind, you should always focus on getting well. To make sure that your messages of healing get to your subconscious, you must cleanse your emotional mind (as I’ve said before) of the energy of negative low-frequency thoughts, news, and information. The soul connects our mind and our subconsciousness. That’s why it’s so crucial to purify the mind: It keeps the energy links between the soul, consciousness, and subconsciousness clear.

If you are often stressed, you create energy and emotional blocks in your energy centers. This prevents energy from flowing through the energy channels to your organs, brain, and cells. You lose your access to the source of energy, and diseases start to develop.

The practices described in the book ‘The Miracle of Divine Healingwill help you establish necessary connections with Divine energy.

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