Moving into a new home with ghosts. Relocating souls.

First story.

In early May 2024, we moved into a house that we bought only two years after returning from Ecuador, where we lived for 12 years. On the first night, I couldn’t sleep at all in this house and couldn’t understand the reasons. My emotions were balanced, my mind was calm, and before moving, I cleared all the previous energy of the house and garden.

Throughout the morning and the whole day, strange things keep happening to me. By evening, I was tired of all the inexplicable events and sat to meditate.

 Here’s the information I received.

Two souls, or what some call ghosts, lived in this house. Many years ago, a husband and wife died here, and their souls still wandered around the house and garden. When I came to see the house on the Open Home Day, the souls saw me and did everything to ensure that we moved into this house. Heavenly helpers told these souls that I could help in their further evolution. They were tired of wandering on the earthly plane and had heard from other souls about other worlds but didn’t know how to get there. Souls always need not only heavenly but also earthly guides, like me.

I turned to the Creator with this request. He cleared the souls of all their past karma and sent them to a higher plane of existence.

On the same day, while the souls were playing tricks on me to get my attention and make me aware of their desire, my sensitive friend visited me. In the evening, I called her and told her the story of the souls who lived here. She said that when she visited me, she felt some alien energy but hesitated to tell me about it because she knows I’m a Master in these matters. Yes, I did cleanse the energies, as I mentioned, before moving in here. But I didn’t ask for information about the presence of alien energy that simply lived here. Hearing her story was an additional confirmation of mine.

After the souls were sent for further development, my life was back to normal.

Second story.

So, on the night of May 15th, I woke up feeling like I was being gently hugged by something big and quite heavy. I hugged back lightly, but then I felt short, slightly prickly fur on my palms. That freaked me out, and I fully woke up, thinking that those destructive entities, which I thought were gone from my life, had somehow come back into my room. To keep myself from freaking out and jumping out of bed, I just started laughing quietly to myself.

But that feeling of rough fur on my hands stuck with me until I fell asleep again.

When I woke up, I was like, “Okay, what just happened?” And here’s what I found out:

My energy space is off-limits now unless the Higher Forces give the green light. No more dark energy or weird entities can sneak in like they used to when I lived in the 3rd and 4th dimension vibes.

The Higher Forces, knowing my spiritual capabilities, let the soul of a horse that passed away over a decade ago enter my space.

This horse’s soul had been through a lot on Earth and was tired of wandering around. It wanted to move to another dimension and develop there but didn’t know how. That’s where I came in as the soul migration guide.

As I was figuring all this out, the horse soul was chilling in the corner of my bedroom, worried that I’d freak out and not help her because of that scare she gave me at night.

Hearing this story, I felt so bad for her. I realized that for me, as the Earthly guide, this invisible soul had to create a physical form – like a horse’s body, even if just a part of it – for me to feel its presence. The horse’s soul was careful not to squish me with its weight, but I still felt this heavy thing on me. It was kind of like when a big puppy jumps on you all happy-like, not realizing that despite being a puppy, it’s still a heavy dog.

So, I was like, “Okay, Creator, let’s help this tired horse soul out, shower her with love, and send her off on her universal adventure.”

And bam, that’s what happened. After that, my heart felt all chirpy, and I still smile when I think about it.