Are you ready for a transformation?

The new processes have already begun to occur with our physical bodies.

In many people in 2022 the composition of the blood has been changed; the information in the DNA was rewritten and the activation of new pairs of DNA helices occurred, from February 2023 other changes began to occur automatically:

– gene programs for diseases are getting removed;

– the emotional, mental, causal, Budhic, and Atmanic bodies are getting cleared from energy-information programs and emotions inherent in the Pisces era and from other programs that were installed in us for life in the 3rd dimension, which no longer correspond to the spirit of the times. And this discrepancy can bring new diseases and failures.

– If someone did not have time to cleanse themselves of the destructive programs that the Infernal world was stubbornly installing in many of us, then all those installations will be cleared automatically;

– if any of you were attacked by destructive or demonic entities, in order to harm your health and harm your mind, especially those whose inner divine power greatly frightened the entities, then these attacks will not happen anymore (a rare exception will be if the Universe wants to convey to you something urgent, then alien energy creatures will be sent, which will bother you with their presence so that you understand that this is a sign for some kind of action).

Many of my readers and followers know that through me, as the conductor chosen by the Creator for planetary work, there was a daily work from December 2022 to March 7, 2023, to cleanse the body of the Earth and its space from all destructive and demonic entities and of their energy-informational harm.

Our planet was preparing for the transition to a new higher vibrational level, therefore it was necessary to cleanse the space and body of the planet daily from malicious beings and their destructive energies, plans, and developments.

For many years I have been cleansing the Earth and other planes of existence from the world of Inferno, from destructive and demonic entities and their energy-informational harm brought to the planet and all of us. They have done a lot of harm to my health. But the Creator does not give trials beyond one’s strength. The weak in spirit and weak-willed should not be chosen for such work (young people are also not suitable, they have other life tasks).

It was hard, but I learned a lot. I learned a lot about the life of the infernal world (I also described some of it in my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing”). Once the top management of Inferno (the demonic world) was relocated to another planet, in which work I also took a direct part.

Entities constantly flew out of people, animals, and even plants, multiplied, and moved to other bodies and places, causing irreparable harm.

I remember when we lived in Ecuador, we had in our garden a tall, strong avocado tree with large fruits. And one day 11 destructive entities flew into the tree and the tree completely dried up in a week and, of course, no longer came to life.

 In Ecuador, I also saw demonic entities in some dogs that damaged their brains so much that the dogs only needed to be euthanized by injection due to their uncontrolled aggression, because it would be impossible to restore the state of the brain.

During my meditations, entities were caught every day by a light photon grid and sent to that plane of existence where they were decoded.

The surviving entities will continue their miserable existence on our planet in the third dimension. They invade people’s bodies, whether you’re a good person or a bad person. They just need to feed on someone else’s energy to survive, and they are more interested in healthy organs than the body of a sick person. And a person himself should be interested in what is happening in his inner world in order to know if something needs to be removed, or something needs to be healed.

Take a look at this photo. It was filmed with a tablet by one warrior of the Light Vadim B. before he was going to clear the Red Square in Moscow of demons, and the entity was going to attack him.

Now let me return to the changes that are already beginning to occur with those who consciously prepared themselves for these changes.

As I mentioned all of the above changes and transformations will happen and be installed automatically.

Automatically? But when? Only the Creator knows the answer.

He will install everything himself, without resorting to the help of his heavenly helpers, i.e. for work, the energy of light from the highest plane of existence will be involved. All transformations will take place during sleep so that a person does not use his mind during the divine process and does not interfere with divine creation.

A few days after such declarations (if your heart, consciousness, and intention were pure) transformations will begin to occur first in the nervous system (in 4 days), then in the circulatory system (in 4 days), then in the lymphatic, digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, immune, hormonal, excretory, genital, integumentary (each of them will change within 3 days).

If on one of the days when you practice, the Creator installs a New Matrix (plan for your life) for you, then all systems and organs will go through their transformational processes much faster and easier. After all, the Creator himself will rule!

And very soon, superpowers (clairvoyance, teleportation, telekinesis) will become commonplace for many.

In Ecuador, after 12 years of living there and before returning to New Zealand, I asked the Creator:

– What instructions or wishes will you have for me?

He replied:

– Simply – love life.

Life, I love you! And I know it’s reciprocal!

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