What does it mean to live in the energies of the fifth dimension?

Living in the energies of the fifth dimension means experiencing life on a whole different level.

Let me share what happened to me first.

So, in 2023, they replaced all the old Matrix programs in my body systems with new ones, basically upgrading for life in the 6th race. Later, they activated these new Matrix programs, and trust me, you can’t miss that – it’s a whole experience. Meanwhile, I was still feeling the impact of harmful radiation from the anti-COVID vaccinations. Harmful radiations filled up the whole Earth’s space.

Since the pandemic started, people have become carriers of these radiations, spreading them around like fleas on dogs. Not many bothered purifying their energy, keeping their souls integrated. I had to cleanse up public places before going in and detox my body afterward; otherwise, I’d feel this crazy fatigue leading to nausea. And no, it doesn’t mean I was obsessing over it – I just kept my energies super clean, not letting anything foreign mess with them.

When the Earth’s space is clear, you don’t think about energy external pollution. But when my body felt heavy, and I had these oppressive moods, I had to figure out the cause and fix it, getting my energy back on track. Dealing with destructive entities for years kept me pretty occupied. I had to keep purifying my home, myself, and the planet. Even though I declared I wanted a break from this work, the Creator, being the boss, didn’t really allow that luxury.

Come early January, I was almost losing my mind with these non-stop invasions of destructive entities. I had to send them back to the Creator using the methods I’d been taught by Him. I kept thinking I might go crazy dealing with these attacks. A similar story was going on with Heidi, a young woman in England, who, like me, was chosen for the mission of cleansing our planet. The trials were tough, but we supported each other mentally and emotionally.

Then, on January 5, 2024, I had this dream where my husband and I detached from the Earth and ascended into these incredibly clear, bright blue skies. I said, “Let’s spread our wings. Raise your hands.” It was insanely beautiful, and I kept feeling us there for days. It was a fantastic sign for both of us.

On January 7, I got another sign – I needed to cleanse the first and second planes of existence from entities, evil spirits, and their bad energy. That was kind of weird for me because I never really messed with those lower planes. I did all the purification processes, rising to the ninth plane as usual, playing the role of a conduit. That was my last meditation to cleanse the planet and myself from destructive entities!

I couldn’t believe my luck. Finally, it happened!

On January 8, I leveled up to the new energy levels of the 5th dimension.

  1.     So, in the 5th dimension, there are 150 energetic levels. At first, a person with a pure and integral soul, free of any karma (these are the most important conditions), gets into one of the first three energetic levels of the 5th dimension, where they might chill for up to four months. It’s like an energy-cleansing corridor, still getting hit by earthly energy destruction and pollution of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
  •  Then, the person gets moved straight to the 16th energy level (where my husband and I are at the moment, but not for long). Here, no destruction can mess with you; they stay in the energies of the 3rd and 4th dimensions for those still living there. No entities, harmful radiation, or other energetic trouble. But until you hit the next 55-65 levels, you gotta keep doing your usual routines like exercise, fasting, purification, diet, vitamin intake, etc., to stay healthy and in good shape.
  •  The next stage is transitioning to the 55-65 energy level. Other levels not mentioned are not for us humans. When you hit the 55-65 level, aging stops. Your body stays the same until you move to a higher level. No need for physical exercises, vitamins, or your usual health routines. Wow!
  •  The subsequent levels are 115th and 150th. Miracles start happening not just on a physical level but in life in general. Each transition brings different cellular processes. Your cell’s body changes its form and structure, boosting the vitality of your entire system.

All transitions to new energy levels in the 5th dimension are automatic. Higher Forces, using the Divine Energy of Creation, handle it for us. Transitions through the levels happen pretty quickly.

Most people on Earth have young souls or haven’t evolved enough, fulfilled their purpose, and are just degrading. They aren’t interested in transitions; this info might even annoy them because they don’t need it.

Honestly, I’ve been waiting for these changes for so long, almost not believing I’d see and feel a real, substantial energetic transition in this life, despite going through tons of transformations since 2004.

I wish everyone success at any level of life. May all transitions be easy for all of us in any reincarnation.

Meanwhile, I’m still observing, researching, and chatting with the Creator, and of course, I keep loving and appreciating my life on this planet even more. Most likely, this is the end of my work with energy diagnosis, corrections, healing for people, and training people in biolocation with dowsing rods, ReiKi, and so on. And I am very happy about that too!

But anyone can read holistic diagnostics information on my website for their development, self-cleansing, and self-healing. Let my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” with practical exercises be of help to you.

I received this info from the Creator as a Light conduit.


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