Good news for vaccinated people and all of us.

Here I hasten to inform you that vaccinated people can begin their healing, which was not envisaged before, before the departure of Inferno.

In the Holistic Diagnosis section, I posted new information:

  1. Finally, the time has come when a vaccinated person can return all their lost pieces of soul themselves. In all vaccinated people, their souls and the souls of all their organs, and cells (individual diagnosis is detected by diagnosis) have lost their integrity. That is many soul particles scattered throughout space (some lost more particles, others less) after receiving the anti-covid vaccine. Upon returning the souls to their integrity (read the article about the integrity of the soul), it will be easier for you to heal your weakened body.
  2. Do you want to know how to cleanse yourself from the harmful radiation that continues to come out of vaccinated people and, accumulates in earthy space and all public places, it negatively affects your well-being. I can help you find out how much your physical body, aura, and subtle bodies are filled with these harmful radiations now and tell you how to purify yourself or protect yourself from these radiations so as not to lose or independently return your vitality. Even if you have been vaccinated, the amount of radiation around you in public places can make you feel physically and mentally worse.

Stay healthy!

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