What happened in June that hasn’t happened in tens of thousands of years

  1. After the world of Inferno moved to another galaxy (09/18/22), their performers – destructive and demonic entities began to weaken energetically. Later, demonic entities stopped multiplying, but they continued to unceremoniously invade and live in people’s bodies, controlling the human mind. And destructive entities continued to multiply while people were having sex. At the same time, the entities laid their eggs everywhere and installed their destructive programs/information in the consciousness and cellular consciousness of people for illness, death, and all sorts of destructive processes.
  2. On June 23-24, 2023, all destructive and demonic entities finally left the Earth, people’s bodies, flora and fauna, all buildings, underground structures, and so on. The whole planet has been cleansed of them!
  3. Following this event, all existing wandering souls were removed from the 3rd plane of existence (from the earth plane) which began to fill the planet more than 9,000 years ago. Read about them in a chapter from the book “The Miracle of Divine Healing”. 
  4. From June 27 to June 29, it was time for the Healing Spirits from the 5th plane* of existence to urgently move to the 7th plane*, according to the plan of the Creator, and this was done. The power of their abilities increased tens of thousands of times.

From that moment on, the 5th plane became free from all the Healing Spirits that had existed there for about 85,000 years.

Over time, the space of the 5th plane will be formed and built to receive new souls from Earth. Only the souls of those who managed to evolve and not degrade during their stay on Earth will fall on this plane. Even if a person had a good heart and a bright soul, but the mind was polluted, it will not be possible to get to the fifth plane right away. Such a soul will undergo purification according to the old rules.

So, if someone wishes to call on Healing Spirits to restore their health, remember that in order to be heard, you must have a clear mind. Otherwise, spirits from the low planes of existence or from the informational dual earthly plane will come and impose their opinion on you, presenting it as the truth. The results will be corresponding.

      (*The fifth plane contains spirits who possess high knowledge. Many spirit guides come to our aid from this plane. Healers who work with fifth-plane energies often suffer and lose their own vital energy after dealing with people.

*The Seventh plane is the plane of the laws of electromagnetism, of truth, nature, and empathy. This is the plane of laws that governs our Universe, galaxy, solar system, planet Earth, the lower planes, and human beings. The healing music of the spheres; symbols and numbers; and high-frequency colored light all come from different levels of this plane, which number in the tens of thousands. The colored rays of light referred to in my book ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing”, are found on the highest level of this plane. Their light fills the symbols and signs and the music of the spheres, etc. that are contained in the lower levels of this plane.)

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