3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions. What is it? Where are they? Who lives in which dimension?

3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions. What is it? Where are they? Who lives in which dimension? Let’s figure it out.

1.         There are 9 planes of existence within the unity of the holistic life system, each representing a particular physical and emotional aspect of ourselves. And each plane is multi-leveled.

Earth is on the 3rd plane of existence. It is a place of negative and positive emotions, a place of illusion. The Earth plane has different vibration levels, or dimensions, just like the other planes of existence. There are five main dimensions. Five versions of reality with different levels and different vibrational frequencies.

Each dimension has its own hundreds and thousands of levels. That is, all around us is a multilayered, multifaceted energy-informational space (I have written about all the planes of existence in my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing”).

2.         Each person living on Earth has his or her own energy-information level corresponding to the level of that dimension (there are 5 of them) for which his or her consciousness has been preparing a place for a long time.

The largest percentage of the population now lives in the space of the 1st dimension. Slightly less – in the 2nd dimension, on different levels, which means on different vibrations. In these people a lot of evil, and aggression has accumulated; they are capable of theft, murder, betrayal, lying, violence, etc. They will not ascend to the 3rd dimension and no further reincarnations in the 6th race are foreseen for them.

Even fewer people live in the 3rd dimension. There are quite a lot of good qualities in them, but there are even more doubts. Having found themselves in difficult life situations, they may lose their good qualities due to weakness of will. Because of this, such people may vibrationally descend into the 2nd dimension. They may also go up to the lower levels of the 4th dimension, then they may go down to their comfortably settled 3rd dimension, or they may stay on the different levels of the 3rd dimension for a long time, without any special efforts to go up to the 4th dimension due to blockage of their mind and fears for the future. Living in the 3rd dimension levels allows them to be a victim. Here you can comfort yourself with the fact that someone else’s life is even worse. Here one wants to live like they say, “Let us have everything in life and not be punished for it”.

The higher the level of human consciousness, the higher his levels in the space of the 4th dimension, and the less this person wants to return to the 3rd dimension.

Well, very few people have gone to the 5th dimension at the moment. And if there is someone in one family who lives on 5th dimension vibrations and the other family members are still on 3rd dimension vibrations, then there will soon be an incompatibility between them, between their views of life.

I believe that the 4th and 5th dimensions will quickly fill up with people with altered consciousness this year.

3.  The energies of the five dimensions may contact each other, but they will not resonate and interact but only diverge in different directions. It is the same with people living in different dimensions – they will be able to contact each other for a while, but soon quietly move away from each other. They may not communicate or meet each other for a long time because they stop resonating both informationally, energetically, and emotionally.

People from the lower levels of the 3rd dimension will be less and less interested in the opinions and lives of those who live on higher vibrations. And those whose consciousnesses have grown, the seeds they sowed will sprout so quickly and they will be so fascinated with watching them grow and participating in all the processes, that they will have no time left to remember the weeds of the previous year which will be sorted and removed by our celestial helpers.

Those who never made the effort to change their consciousness will not even be able to suspect that there is a completely different life very close by, full of wonder, creation, and prosperity. They will see life around them in the same colors and think that other people’s lives do not change much either.

4. And since our planet not so long ago made another, but sharp jump to a higher vibrational level, people with blocked consciousness have increased the energy barrier between the dense material world and the subtle material world. 

The subtle material plane is the plane where our consciousness can feed and nourish itself with information and energy from the higher planes of existence, which is extremely important now for the transition to the 6th race if you do not want to stay living on the eternally warring level of the 3rd dimension of the Earth.

Consciousness is the structure that unites spiritual and physical matter. 

I wish everyone awareness and creative success in fascinating solar dimensions filled with the vibration of happiness.

For those who have moved into the 5th dimension vibrations, I will write in the next article about how the matrix programs for a new life begin to be installed (or have already begun to be installed) in them. What to do after installation and how the new programs will be absorbed into the physical body.

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Elena Alekseeva