The world of Divine Evolution comprises light souls, guardian angels, seers, and magi (enlightened individuals with superhuman abilities); Matrix structures; highly spiritual civilizations; as well as gods who direct processes in material worlds and ensure harmony.

Finally, above all these structures stands the Divine/Creator of All/Supreme Intelligence/Creator of the world with all its laws, including the laws of the demonic world.

From birth, every person exhibits opposing characteristics and features—both divine and demonic. As an individual grows and develops, he or she chooses their path in life—on their own, even if under the influence of others. When the Divine component reaches its highest potential, the demonic one ceases to exist.

When a person decides to leave Darkness behind, they have to make an effort to begin and to continue making steps toward Light. No matter how much the dark forces try to seduce a person with alluring visions, if an individual consciously chooses the path of soul development, that person will learn to distinguish true light from false.

As an “adversary,” the opposing Power required by the equilibrium and harmony of things in Nature—like Shadow to throw off still brighter the Light, like Night to bring into greater relief the Day, and like cold to make one appreciate the more the comfort of heat—SATAN has ever existed. 

Helena Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine,” Book 1, Part II, Chapter 11.

If individuals have not lost their connection with the Creator, they will be able to receive the energies of the Sun, the galaxies, the Universes, and other worlds in the necessary amounts, and use those energies wisely.

If, by contrast, the connection is lost, the person will find it difficult to retain the pure light within themselves, since society—which works in close collaboration with the elementals, or the Inferno—offers and imposes various passions and emotions, such as fear, greed, envy, blame, irritation, anger, and so on. In this case, the Divine creative energy contained in an individual is mixed with low-frequency negative energy and is transformed into the energy of a different quality.

The longer a person accumulates low-frequency energy, the more open and vulnerable they become to energy entities of various types. Negative thoughts and emotions produce a subtle substance that parasitic entities feed on, encouraging a person to fixate on such thoughts.

Sphere-like subtle entities known as “larvae” tend to inhabit the space around a person’s head, especially when the soul of their consciousness isn’t holistic. These larvae begin to help the person form vicious thoughts, leading them off the path of light and provoking anxiety, fear, irritation, and conflicts. If a person doesn’t notice or understand the signs the Universe shows them, they will be led by these astral entities.

The strongest among the entities can enter a person’s body and move from one organ to another, feeding on their energy. If a person conceals strong, hidden desires (that is, thinks one thing but says something completely different), then even their facial features can change for the worse.

An individual infected with larvae will find and befriend similar people. Larvae help cultivate similar complexes: People complain to each other about their life difficulties, family members, and friends, indulging in self-pity. Larvae encourage people to feel nervousness, fears, and pride, to pity themselves because nobody understands them, and so on. Larvae multiply when their hosts fight and argue between themselves. Newborn larvae then search for new victims.

Through resonance (emotional) channels, destructive energetic entities from higher levels of the infernal world (demons, evil spirits) can be transferred from a larva into a person. A larva always competes with the soul. The soul is the person’s emotional world, and the larva passionately strives to destroy it. That’s why some people’s personality can change dramatically at the end of their life: All their love and sympathy are concentrated in the larva, while their mind is controlled by entities.

You can detect the presence of larvae or other energetic entities when at least some of the following symptoms are manifested:

  • You have an addiction or a bad habit—especially if it doesn’t bring you any pleasure, yet you are unwilling to renounce it;
  • You have psychological or emotional problems—for instance, if you suffer from depression, irritability, fear, etc.;
  • You have exhausting dreams, be it nightmares, or disturbing or erotic dreams;
  • You get up feeling tired and devoid of energy in the morning and have to drink lots of coffee and use other stimulants to get yourself going;
  • You suffer from recurring pain in the back of your head and in your back;
  • Your fingers and toes often feel cold;
  • You are obsessed with the desire for power, money, or variation in sexual partners;
  • You are attracted by drugs, pornography, or decadent sexual behavior, or prone to obsessive sexual fantasies;
  • Your vision sometimes becomes blurred.

Larvae send most of the energy they leech from people to the higher structures—a sort of a demonic communal energy bank. From this bank, energy is distributed to dark magicians, wizards, and psychics, who receive informational support from their higher-level system—the world of Inferno.

The demonic hierarchy acts as a secondary structure of the Universe. It also comprises egregores, which attract masses of people: egregores of politics, business, family, religion, and beliefs—everything that people believe in blindly. There are egregores of computers and even of Facebook: They glue people to the screen, causing them to lose part of the vital force that has been given to them for the purpose of evolution.

Next are the high-tech material systems that form government structures and coordinate people’s destructive actions, suppressing their mental and spiritual abilities.

Above these systems stand the demonic hierarchies that direct the lower planes of their world. Finally, the world of Inferno acts as the source of the whole demonic structure. On the physical terrestrial plane, it is represented by the so-called Illuminati. The demonic system collects energy from all its lower organizational systems.

The more negative emotions, attachments, dogmas, and dualistic thoughts a person has (and the more they idealize), the more nourishment they provide to larvae and destructive energetic entities, which are attracted by a person’s low-frequency energies and emotions and are brought to life by lowly desires. Strong obsessive fears that cannot be explained logically are usually the result of the activity of larvae or astral entities.

Some seers can observe hordes of low-level astral entities in public places—where a lot of alcohol and tobacco is consumed, where people gamble or play video games—and in unhealthy places in general, places filled with depression, grief, fears, greed, and so on.

How every person uses the constructive Divine energy they receive depends on the level of their spiritual development, which in turn depends on the purity of their spirit and soul, the soul of their bodily spirit, and their conscious and subconscious minds.

Most people do not want to spend time on spiritual development that can provide pure energy for their life. Instead, they surrender themselves into the hands of society and fall under the influence of destructive astral entities.

chapter 5, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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