Do you ever feel empty emotionally? Are you tempted to fill the void with destructive habits like drinking, taking drugs, binge-eating, indulging in chocolate, or procrastination? Do you sometimes feel like a part of you is missing or that it’s gone away with someone who has left you or has died? Do you ever find that you can’t remember anything from a period of your life?

Have you done things that left a residue—as if you did not do them of your own volition; or perhaps you weren’t sure of why you did them at all? Do you often feel lonely, disconnected, broken, or unable to understand what’s keeping you here on Earth? Are you tired of constantly feeling annoyed or angry with everyone? Do you have recurring dreams associated with a particular person or place? Most importantly, do the evil eye, curses, or ritual curses influence you, destroy your energy, ruin your mood, or make you ill?

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms or experienced similar sensations or emotions, it’s possible that the energies of others’ souls have entered your soul, and that their consciousness got mixed with consciousness of your own soul.

When a human soul acquires elements of other people’s souls, the person will struggle to understand their true essence and discover their evolutionary path. The stronger the energy of those extraneous soul fragments are, the more they impact one’s consciousness and the development of one’s own soul.

If fragments of someone else’s soul become stuck in your soul, they can cause mental issues for you. And, it’s possible that your soul has lost some of its fragments. This happens when a person gets too attached to someone or something, as well as when the emotional soul is too upset or anxious about something or reacts too strongly to certain events or emotions. Fragments can become detached from the soul and can get stuck in the aura or in other people’s souls. They can stay behind in a place where the soul’s owner was happy—or miserable. The reasons are many. Any trauma (which all of us experience) can cause you to lose fragments of your soul or acquire soul particles belonging to someone else. Both can make you feel empty or dissatisfied. You may not even realize that you are suffering from the loss of your soul’s particles.

People don’t suspect that they can give away particles of their souls to those who have authority or control over them: parents, spouses, children, friends, doctors, religious leaders, teachers, bosses, politicians, and so on. People can get so attached to things and individuals that they create idols for themselves, idealizing those things and individuals, thus losing fragments of their soul. These particles can get attached to a person or place or to a religious (or any other type of) egregore. This hurts and causes suffering to both parties.

When a soul loses some of its particles or contains particles belonging to others, the aura is weakened, overall energy is lowered, and immune defenses are weakened. This is how chronic fatigue and depression set in and it is why people can be vulnerable to eniological infections. A person who has lost soul particles is easy to hurt and is susceptible to informational viruses.

As noted earlier, negative thoughts and envy coming from others can breach a person’s aura easily, damaging and polluting their soul’s light and disrupting the Fire element. Fire governs the small intestine, the heart, blood circulation, and the endocrine system. Emotional blockages and congestion develop in the organs and psychic energy accumulates, causing serious health problems. The person loses their connection to the Earth, which supplies us with health energy. The power of intention can become so weak that one does not have enough energy to materialize thought-forms for self-healing, or for doing any creative work.

All of this isn’t a punishment but is rather the universal language of the Universe: Through pain and discomfort, it seeks to show you the problem and make you pay attention and take the necessary steps for healing.

For both the soul and the person as a whole, it’s important to make the soul holistic: Get rid of extraneous soul fragments and restore the soul fragments that have been lost. In this way, one can begin to think and act in accordance with their own volition. The person will no longer be controlled by particles of souls belonging to others with different life programs. It’s worth adding, however, that the soul of your consciousness (in particular, that of the emotional mind) must be holistic too. If a person’s soul isn’t holistic when it passes into the next plane of existence, it will take longer to develop and ascend to the higher planes. Such souls will keep returning to Earth again and again.

When a person’s soul contains fragments of others’ souls, after that person’s death, these fragments will detach themselves and wander through dimensions and time. They can even show various events through a person’s night dreams.

When relatives mourn a dead person for a long time, they send particles of their souls to the deceased. If the dead person’s soul is a restless soul of the worst kind, it can feed off soul particles emitted by its grieving friends and relatives, essentially acting as an energy vampire—sucking energy from those who keep remembering the deceased (and even from those who have ceased to remember them).

A kind soul won’t siphon energy from those whom it loved in life and who still mourn it. Those who continue to grieve simply lose particles of their souls into space time and inter-time. Family members who think only of themselves and their grief don’t let the soul ascend to a higher plane and proceed with its development and evolution, which it badly needs.

Though soul particles have their own consciousness, they are like lost children who can’t find their mother, wandering through the limitless expanse of different dimensions. That’s why you are responsible not only for the condition of your soul and its development on Earth; you should also remember your deceased friends and much-loved relatives and help their souls to evolve too.

In order to find out how many extraneous soul fragments you have or how many you’ve lost, you can ask your Higher Self, using a pendulum, dowsing rod, or kinesiology—or consult with a master who has a pure energy-information channel. If you don’t have this opportunity, you can simply do the exercise described below. It won’t hurt you, even if your soul is already holistic.

Once your soul regains its wholeness, all your lost energy will return to you. You should verify if your soul is holistic at least once a year and repeat the exercises as needed. As long as you live, your soul will react emotionally to life situations and people, unless you’ve learned to control your thoughts and transform low-frequency energy thoughts and emotions into high-frequency light. Otherwise, your soul will keep losing its particles and attracting other people’s.

Again, when your soul and your emotional mind’s soul are holistic, your energy will be invulnerable to any negative energy charge.

Once you start sending extraneous soul particles back to their rightful owners, you will help many people: They will get back the particles they never knew they’d lost. And it works the other way around too: When your own soul particles return to you, they will vacate the souls they were stuck to, freeing those souls of extraneous fragments.

This way, you heal not only your own soul—but you help other people reintegrate theirs as well.

chapter 26, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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