To my great joy, the light forces showed me simple and effective techniques that anyone can use to improve their spiritual and physical condition, restoring light and pure vital energy and strength to their spirit, soul, and body.

By reading this book, you will learn about the many hidden reasons for your ailments, which interfere with the harmony of your outer and inner worlds. By doing the exercises sprinkled throughout these pages, you’ll be able to eliminate, remove, and heal the deeper causes of your sickness and misfortunes. Both traditional and non-traditional treatments—and the related drugs, vitamins, herbs, and supplements you’ve been using—will bring faster and better results.

Indeed, how can one heal an internal organ when the body is so full of mental and energy blocks that not a single ray of light, not a single vitamin can get to the affected body part? And what if a destructive entity has taken up residence inside—or even more than one? While doctors will surely do everything in their power to treat a dysfunctional organ, the entity will simply switch to another one and continue its parasitic existence, bringing endless suffering.

How can you cure the body if some jealous ill-wisher decides to destroy your inner harmony, health, or business by using magical rituals against your physical well-being, business, your relationship with your loved ones, and so forth? The dark energy they send will sink into your organs, first impeding their normal function and then blocking it entirely. Doctors, when they find that some organ is weakened, begin treating it in various ways available to them, but the organ’s condition keeps getting worse. What’s worse, there can be many different hidden causes of illness.

The practical exercises in this book will help you not only to free yourself from various types of destructive entities, phantoms, and evil spirits—all those who consciously or unconsciously rob you of your life’s power, light, and joy. Once you understand the causes for yourself, you’ll be able to prevent energy drains. The practices I describe will allow you to free and restore a large amount of the creative energy you’ve lost.

The demonic world hates it that I spread the knowledge of how people can protect themselves from its influence. The dark force did all it could to prevent me from writing this book, fearing that it would lose its ability to feed on the emotional energy of humans once they learn to restore their life force and lost light by closing off the energy channels linking them to the world of darkness. 

The dark forces applied heavy energy to destroy my mind, to stop me from thinking, feeling, and writing. But it was in the moments I felt almost broken that I realized that my learning continued. Again, and again I called upon the Divine rays of colored light—and I would feel instantly how my strength, clarity, and desire to live returned. After each new energy cleansing, I received fresh knowledge of what I had to do in order not to spend more time on endless cleansing but instead just living, creating, and enjoying myself.

It was only when I was finishing this book that I obtained the key answers and recommendations that finally put me beyond the reach of the dark forces, envious people, and other low-frequency energies. If I learned how to win, then you can win too!

By doing practical exercises with light, you can heal yourself, your children and loved ones, even your pets. Colored rays of light from the higher plane of existence will help you to repair your relationships, heal your family Clan (your generational family, going back through lifetimes, including your current family), cleanse and purify your home, and improve your work environment. You can also learn to choose rays of light to activate and charge water, drugs, vitamin supplements, food, and so forth. You will change your destiny for the better in a number of ways, achieve better progress in your career, and learn light magic practices that will soon become part of your life.

To carry out exercises with colored photon rays, you don’t need a spiritual master to initiate or guide you—as happens, for instance, with Reiki, yoga, asceticism, and other spiritual systems and practices, many of which artificially create hierarchies of dependency and a sort of “mystical fog” around so-called “spiritual paths.”

You won’t need to spend hours meditating either. Moreover, you will learn why the energy of the Universe can cause pollution of subtle bodies and evolutionary losses in many long-term meditation practitioners. You won’t have to spend money on expensive seminars and courses to achieve positive results in healing and overcome difficulties in your life.

Nobody will check if you’ve done your homework or demand that you pass an exam to obtain a certificate. You will become your own healer and teacher. All you need to do is read this text carefully, perform the exercises—and then enjoy the results, feeling happy and proud that you got your name back— “the Genuine Magician and Healer.”

They say that genius is simple. Embodied in the miracles of the colored rays of light, I see the genius of the Creator, inspiring me daily to work and learn.

This book will expand your knowledge of how to remove obstacles on the path of spiritual development quickly and effortlessly, and how to ensure that your soul continues its earthly evolution harmoniously in a healthy body.

If you are reading this book right now and plan to do the exercises, it means that you already have corresponding programs in your spirit which will help you learn these techniques. The rays will help you to realize the healing programs carried by your spirit. You’ll easily activate the Divine abilities that were inherent in you at birth.

chapter 2, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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