Correspondence with a friend. The miracle happened faster than expected

June 23 at 12.12 midnight a long-awaited event had happened! I wanted to write an article about what was going on and how it ended. But lately, my friend Anna from England and I have been writing a lot of letters to each other. Our correspondence has resulted in a great article, and I want to share this information with my readers.


– Lena, I’ve been looking through your book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” to see which exercises I need to do for a specific health problem. I need to go to the doctor before I find out exactly what it is, but I’ve sensed something strange in my body. I never go to the doctor. 

– Lena, after I emailed you, I felt guided to dig deeper myself… Goodness, I was reading about entities in an article of yours- the link appeared on my screen as if by magic! As I was reading and thinking about removing the entities, I felt all hot and sick like this thing was trying to stop me from doing the practice. Phew- I’m glad that’s done! I’ve removed the destructive/demonic entity (it didn’t want to be found) but thankfully I was guided to remove it anyway- fingers crossed I’m sorted now. 

Hooray! I’m overjoyed that you found the cause of your unwellness.

Anna, I checked you too, and discovered six destructive entities had been living in your body for 3 months. You got rid of them, well done!

Don’t forget to check yourself from time to time. If they were in the body, you should restore the integrity of the souls of all systems and organs, fill the body with Yin-Yang energy, and increase the frequency of vibrations.

– Lena, this is the strongest entity experience I have ever had. I’m so lucky to have your incredible healing exercises and your advice. This time round I felt the entities really messed with my judgment as I would usually have done the removal based on the symptoms alone and they seemed to stop the rod from giving me the correct information- I asked many times if I had these entities. In the future, I will just do the removal anyway if I feel any of these symptoms. My body tells me it needs doing so I just do it. I can feel my head and my lower abdomen pulsating, and I often feel a bit sick. I do it before I go to sleep and then I am usually woken up early to do it in the morning- I can just about fit it in before I get the girls up for school etc.

Anna, you, too, have begun the same Mission as I have – to purify our planet, and your mission began a month and a half ago. That’s why entities are bursting into your home as a sign that you need to cleanse the Earth, not just your home. 

When my meditation work on cleansing the Earth’s space of destructive and demonic entities ended (March 7, 2023), the entities stopped bothering me at night. I began to sleep well and could not rejoice that they were no longer invading my home.

Recently, having analyzed the events happening on the planet, I understood that that break in the work with entities was because at that time the Creator began to install new matrix programs into all body systems, organs, cells, DNA, etc. in me and my husband so that I would have new strength for the final work of cleansing the planet from entities. But due to the daily lack of sleep, it is very hard for me emotionally and physically right now.

Anna, you too have new matrix programs already installed. They are just adapting to our bodies, and the old matrix programs have not finished their tasks yet. I will write to you about that separately.

When in the middle of May, the installation of the new Matrix programs was over, destructive and demonic entities began to invade our house again, not letting me sleep.

I began to panic. Again?!

I did not want the sleepless nights to come back to me at all and the night and day work of cleaning the planet and our house from the energy-informational beings began again.

And if the entities kept me awake again, it was necessary to receive from the Creator instructions for the next action.

The time has come when the entities began to hastily leave human bodies and fill the Earth and its space in great numbers. The planet cannot cope on its own. The entities used to move into other bodies and keep multiplying. Now they do not reproduce and must simply be removed from the Earth plane. Еntities can still invade bodies but only those people who know how to remove them from the earth plane. They want to leave. They must.

19 June 2023

There is some kind of madness going on.

The Earth is in a hurry to get rid of all destructive and demonic entities approximately in July. But it can happen even earlier. Now all plans are changing very quickly, and everything is happening faster than the Higher Forces of Light are planning.

Entities are coming out of people and are no longer settling in other bodies.

This is why the body and space of the Earth are so quickly filled every day and night with entities.

They do not let me sleep every night. They fly into the heat pump in my bedroom and wake me up with loud clicks. Crazy!

I must get up and clean the room and then the body and space of the Earth from them. I was insanely tired from not getting enough sleep.

It’s so good that you understand me. Often, those who initially do not need to know are interested. And those who need to know don’t want to know because of their own life reasons, or they are simply afraid to learn something new so as not to change the old things within themselves. More often a person starts to believe only when they themselves face something that was previously inaccessible to their understanding and when the physical body through pain gives signs for us to hear.

Only my husband supports me in everything, understands what is going on, and knows everything I know, as do several of my close friends.

  • Lena, I feel the same- there aren’t many people I can tell without sounding crazy. My friends just told me to protect myself so they don’t come to me. I have another friend here who is like us and totally understands. My mum is always supportive of course. 

20 June 2023

  • Lena! Thank goodness that you have an explanation! I’m totally exhausted too but I feel better now I understand what is going on. I thought perhaps I was missing something as I usually only need to cleanse myself and the earth of entities twice a week, but it has been most days recently and sometimes twice a day. Then I have to cleanse myself of low astral entities before I can sleep. Then there’s the house, the town, the channel- you know what it’s like! It seems like they are everywhere at the moment. My body just vibrates until I’ve cleared everywhere then I know I can sleep. 

I was wondering the same- what will happen next?! I guess this is all preparation for the new Earth…

…Oh, my goodness! I have literally been removing entities all day. They just keep coming back- no time to work today but I’m too tired for that anyway… My house elf keeps making noises around my house to ask me to cleanse the house- he usually just makes noises in the attic when he wants me to water his roses 😂.

My daughter was clearly disturbed by them last night as she was crying and tried to sleep all over the house, even under her bed!! I’m hoping this month goes by quickly and we can get back to having time for other things afterward. 

Like you say this work is not for those that are weak of spirit… 

21. 06. 23

Anna, I’m sorry that you have to suffer from entities and do the work of cleaning up the planet when it would be better to spend that time on your children. Of course, no one would volunteer for such work if asked.

Certainly, it would be no problem to perform cleansing only in the daytime, when you have had a good sleep, eaten, and calmly got to do energy work. But that’s not how evolution works. That’s what evolution is for, to get a man away from his comfort and see how he passed the test of the strength of spirit.  

When leaving human bodies, the entities move through space in order to unload and relieve the place where they have gathered in great numbers. Otherwise, there would be a big energy problem in that particular place on Earth. For example, the largest number of entities have lived and are now coming out of people living in Russia, Korea, China, and America.  Through space they move to other parts of the planet, that is, to other countries. Otherwise, I, living in New Zealand, and you, living in England, would not feel the processes going on, because we would not feel the intrusions of the entities and wouldn’t know that the Earth needed our hands.

Just imagine, there are only 24 people on the entire planet cleansing the Earth and its space from destructive and demonic entities! There should be 34 of us, but 10 people still haven’t found out about their Mission.

Three people out of those 24 have the hardest energy work. And I am one of them. Apparently, that’s why I’ve had to go through a very hard time working with entities, having learned a lot about them. Yes, the job is not for the faint of heart.

I think my mind would never have chosen such a path, and I wish I knew nothing about entities at all.

But it’s impossible to escape fate and the program we came to Earth with, no matter how hard we try. Yes, I really tried to forget about them and not know anything about the entities, but the Creator immediately showed me my place through physical pain. Because when it doesn’t hurt, we won’t open our eyes and don’t move from our comfortable place.

As the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Rumi said, “A wound is the place where Light penetrates you”.

As I wrote before, it is impossible to hide from them, to make a protection. Evil has no concept of karma, honor, or a peaceful life. It is useless to ask the Creator for protection. For example, if we forbid those who live on the side of evil to fight and kill civilians and animals, forbid them to destroy nature. Will they listen to us? No.

If we ask God to do this, will he listen to us and stop wars and all evil on earth? No. He will only ask after the death of a man what deeds he has done and then he will decide what to do with this soul. Many souls will be decoded. Many souls have already left people and people have become phantoms who will not be left to live on Earth either.

Destructive entities appeared on Earth seven years ago. They were created by the infernal world in order to infiltrate the human mind and install there their destructive programs for disease and death, and to destroy the divine information in the cellular consciousness. Through their own degradation, people have allowed these entities to appear and multiply. Therefore, they should not blame God for this.

Demonic entities lived in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. In those times there were also people who cleansed the Earth from demonic entities and drove the demons out of people.

Even back then, there came a time when the entities left the bodies of people, not wanting to stay alive on Earth. It happened before the new race began to exist, and it’s starting to happen now.

The rats are fleeing the ship. A new 6 race is already stepping on our heels.

  Lena, thank you so much for this explanation. Incredible that there are only 24 people doing this work- I couldn’t have got here without you. 

I agree with you that every lifetime is about expansion and imagine the growth you have achieved! You are doing incredible work- stay strong! 

Creator, give us all strength and courage to go our way with dignity! Everything is temporary. Soon we will turn over this page about life on planet Earth аnd new horizons will open up.

Oh, My God! They’re gone! The entities are gone! It’s happened!
Dear Anna, last night the entities started flying into my room again, but in unimaginably huge numbers. About 80 each time, as never before. I thought I was going to have to sit on my bed all night and not sleep.
But suddenly a voice said that it was time to cleanse not only the planet but all humans, animals, nature – anyone who still had destructive and demonic entities in them!
I was insanely happy about this news.
When I had done all the work with the Creator and the colored rays of light, I looked at the clock, it was 12:12 a.m. I was smiling.
The entities had even left the bodies of all the presidents they were living in. I really wonder what the actions of those people who were ruled by demonic entities will be from now on. After all, these people don’t have a soul and won’t get it back, and their brains are badly damaged.

Anna, I thank you for your invaluable help in cleansing the planet. I thank everyone who was involved!
We became even stronger.
Miracles will really begin to happen to us now. They just don’t have a choice))

Nighttime meditation and information led me to the information during the day that there are demonic entities left in the buildings of the planet (churches, the Vatican, the Empire state building, the Kremlin, the Moscow mausoleum, the subway, and underground cities, the Egyptian pyramids and many other places), as well as in the bodies of the most important rulers of the world, as they call themselves. This includes the Pope and The Committee of 300 and many others who thought they were cooler than God and ruled the world. But it was very hard for them to live, knowing that they too were ruled – ruled by demonic entities.
Now I was ascending in meditation to the 9th level of existence to the Creator and he showed me how his spaceship sucked out all the demons like a vacuum cleaner. The sight was very unpleasant. But in the end, it was beautiful to see the Earth being healed in rainbow light.

-Fantastic news!!! Sending you so much love! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for all of your invaluable work that has changed the lives of so many.

Upon completion, I would like to add that if a destructive or demonic entity has ever entered your body and has already left your body, then it is necessary to clear your consciousness, your cellular consciousness of all the destructive programs that the entities have managed to establish.
The programs themselves won’t go anywhere if you don’t work with them. These programs can cause irreparable damage to both mental and physical health.
After that, it is necessary to return your soul to its integrity, because, from the energy of those entities that have been in your body, parts of your soul have flown away from the fact that the energy of the entities does not resonate at all with the energy of the soul. It is an energy virus for the soul, from which the soul loses its integrity.
For these reasons a person loses connection with the Earth and the Creator, there is an imbalance of energies Yin-Yang in the body and the vibrational frequency is drastically lowered, which also affects the health of the whole body.
All the exercises for these energy works are given in my book, “The Miracle of Divine Healing“.

I have used various spiritual practices, but the practices described in the book remain by far the most powerful and effective.

Stay energized.

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