Destructive entities leave people’s bodies in a panic

When my meditation work on cleansing the Earth’s space of destructive and demonic entities ended (March 7, 2023), I was so happy that the entities stopped bothering me at night. I began to sleep well and could not rejoice that they were no longer invading my home.

On May 6, I received information that some space aliens had begun to come to our planet with the aim of taking it over. I had to begin the work of cleansing the Earth of these alien beings as well. It was not hard.

However, in the middle of May, destructive and demonic entities began to invade our house again, not letting me sleep.

I began to panic. Again?! Why?!

I did not want the sleepless nights to come back to me at all and the night and day work of cleaning the planet and our house from the nasty energy-informational beings began again.

And if the entities kept me awake again, it was necessary to ask the Creator the reason and receive instructions for the next action.

And I found out what happened.

Indeed, the space of the Earth was completely cleared of destructive and demonic entities in March, but some of them continued to live in people and crawl out of human bodies to reproduce. I wrote about that, too. And they reproduce when people have sex.

Now the entities began to leave people’s bodies in a panic.

For what reasons?

  • Entities leave the bodies of people with weak energy
  • Entities don’t want to live where the human mind is so polluted that the entities have nowhere to set their destructive programs.
  • Entities are not interested in those people in whom the soul has long ago lost its integrity and the person has turned into a phantom.
  • Entities leave those bodies that will soon have to die of disease or die in war.

However, the most vicious demonic entities still continue to live inside those who are inclined to kill, organize murders, and wars, lie from TV screens, and destroy people with vaccines, chemtrails, and so on.

The minds of all these people have been controlled and ruled by demonic entities for years. The Inferno world itself has long since disappeared from the earthly plane and no longer feeds the remaining entities with its demonic power.

But soon these remaining entities will also leave the bodies of those who long ago went over to the side of evil and stayed there.

What will the entities do when they leave people’s bodies?

They will indiscriminately burst into the bodies of animals and plants, into nature. This could be a catastrophe!

Friends, be aware of the states of your animals and plants.

I have seen many times what happened to trees and animals when destructive and demonic entities invaded them.

That is why the Earth itself sent entities to my house, as a sign that I must urgently start my work again and pass this news to other people, to those who also want to help the Earth to cleanse her from energy parasites before they cause great harm to the living nature.

I have only told one of my friends from England about this so far, as she wrote to me about the energy attacks, about how the entities began to invade her body and home unexpectedly on the same day that the entities began to fill my home as well. This woman told her other British friends, and now they are doing a wonderful job of handling the task that has been assigned to all of us.

So, whoever cares about the state of our planet, please, get involved.

Don’t think that if someone is already cleaning up the Earth, you can stand on the sidelines.

The healthy state of our planet is the key to everyone’s health.

Stop thinking only about yourself. Start thinking on a bigger scale.

Our planet is now like a little child whose parents care most about their own well-being and the accumulation of wealth. And the Earth, like children, is constantly waiting for love and care from each of us.

Those who have bought my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” can use the exercise of cleansing from demonic entities from the second part of the book to purify the planet.

Others can use their spiritual practices, or sincerely, with a sense of deep love, simply wish our planet peace, goodness, health, and prosperity. To wish not in vanity but in a calm atmosphere with good emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

If our planet is healthy, we will be healthy, too.

About The Author

Elena Alekseeva