«Elena, don’t you know what’s coming at us all?»

On September 30, while shopping in the Costco store, I felt tired, weak, and nauseous, I felt as if someone had walked on my body with dirty heavy shoes and squeezed my vitality out of me like toothpaste out of a tube.

 I remembered that depleted state. It was exactly as it had been during the group anti-covid vaccinations, when all the space on Earth, all the public places, were poisoned by the radiation coming out of the vaccinated people and from the vaccines that were delivered to the cities of all the countries.

I immediately measured the energy of Costco. It turned out that the whole shop was 70% filled with harmful radiations and the frequency of vibrations in this place dropped sharply to 7 Hz, instead of the necessary 250 Hz.

Thinking back and my recent state of well-being after going to the grocery store, I realized why I felt instantly tired as well.

After looking at several countries, I found that countries such as New Zealand, Poland, and Ukraine are filled with over 40% harmful radiation. Over 50% – England, Australia. Over 60% – Russia, USA. Over 70% – China, Japan, Ecuador, and Israel.

This is the total percentage for the listed countries, so there will be somewhere more, somewhere less radiation in the cities of the listed countries.

But this percentage will continue to grow.

As I was told from Above the energy-informational harm from vaccines began in mid-September 2023.

I flipped through the notes in my diary and came across an interesting dream I clearly saw on September 5th.

The dream: a recent acquaintance of mine stopped me and asked: “Elena, don’t you know what’s coming at us all? Children especially are going to have a hard time during this time. We will have to hide them all at home.”

So, we have a huge energy work to do again. I have not had time to rest from a long planetary work and enjoy life, but I have to roll up my sleeves for another energy work.

Remember, we have already passed the topic of radiation during the previous anti-covid vaccinations and at that time I gave recommendations that I received from Above. I remind you of these tips.

1.         Before leaving the house for work, shopping, or other places where different people will be present, it is better to cleanse this place in advance with photon rays of light for your safety (the book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” book 1, chapter 24, exercise 3).

2.         Then call the crystal, golden, and silver spheres of light from the 7th plane of existence and alternately “enter” them for your protection.

It is necessary to remember that in different places there will be different percentages of harmful radiation, so these spheres will work for you only for 30-60 minutes.

1.         If energy-informational harm has penetrated into your body, it is necessary to immediately cleanse yourself with photon color rays of light (Book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” Part 1, Chapter 24, Exercise 3).

2.         Let me remind you that harmful radiation is a strong energy-informational virus for all our souls. Therefore, the particles of our souls fly away, and their place can be taken by foreign particles from unknowingly wandering souls. Therefore it is necessary to do the exercise of soul integration, returning the lost particles of your soul, soul of consciousness, souls of all systems, organs, cells, tissues, souls of subtle bodies, souls of elemental spirits, souls of chakras, channels, meridians, Nadi (Book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” part 1, exercise in chapter 27).

After that, it is necessary to restore the Yin-Yang balance and raise the frequency of body vibrations.

Can you imagine what kind of discord occurs in the body, with the dose of radiation, if so many things will have to be restored?

The Light Workers have a lot of work to do again. We will again have to cleanse the Earth, our city, and our country from these radiations for several months.

Let’s use exercise 3 from the book “The Miracle of Divine Healing”, part 1, chapter 24.

In the thought form replace the words:

– … The colored rays of light have removed and cleansed the Earth/country/city/my whole body from harmful radiations and all their destructive programs. The rays have cleansed all energy-informational harm in me/in my city/country/country/on Earth in the best, highest possible way. The Creator has now filled all damaged places with healing light! Norm! Done. Done. Done.

Those who receive information from Above, all the Chennеlers need to be very careful, because now there are many distortions in the channel. It is necessary to clean the channel constantly.

Stay strong in spirit!

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Elena Alekseeva