There are a lot of factors that go into our belief system and in who we become as we grow into ourselves. Some factors are conscious choices, some are intuitive, and some come from paternal influences right from the moment our mother finds out she’s pregnant.
A parent’s thought can be felt from within the belly, especially if it concerns the fully intune being that’s growing inside. If either of the parents did not want the child, or even had this thought once, the baby is born feeling disconnected from them. The child grows up seeking a deeper meaning to life and tends start calling Earth her mother. These people are commonly known as hippies.

You can recognize them. They call themselves free spirits because they truly feel that they don’t belong, and we now know why.

If you’re a long lost hippie out there, here’s a meditation for you – to rewire your connection to your parents and finally regain that balance within yourself that you have been seeking…

Sit comfortably with your feet on the ground – grounding your energy to the earth and your palms on your knees, open and facing up – to stream your interconnections.  Then, very simply, solely with your power of intention, visualize your family tree of life; you may have distanced yourself from them, but they are still a part of you and this part of your needs to be healed. Set the intention to clear your Tree of Life from all the distortions and negativity and fill the entire Tree (all generations) with divine light and love. Now, you will truly be whole and free.

Even if you are not sure whether your parents were happy at the time when they created a new life (yours), you still need to fill the emotional state of your mothers and fathers with the light of God’s love and joy. With the same light, fill the belly of your mother (womb) of each month of her pregnancy. Imagine that you are growing in a clean and bright “house”. And in the end –  be pleased with the fact that you were born the healthiest, happiest, most successful, and talented child.

Elena and Alissa Alekseeva

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