Installation of the new matrix programs has really begun

I decided to share the story of how the new matrix programs were installed into my and Vladimir’s bodies. Because when it comes to you, this information might help you.

So, as soon as my planetary work which I conducted daily from December till March 2023 was finished, on March 7, 2023, the changing of matrix programs in all organism systems started for Vladimir and me. Accordingly, all organs, cells, and DNA also received new matrix programs for further life in the 5th dimension and the 6th race.

These replacements took place during sleep at night. In the beginning, the Creator deleted life programs, which He set for us since our birth. After that, He installed new matrix programs in all organismal systems. They are of a completely different quality than the ones we all received for life in the Age of Pisces, which has already ended. With the new programs the physical body will begin to acquire endurance to any energetic loads, the ability for easy movement in space, and many other miracles, which I will learn about step by step when the time comes.

My husband and I were among the first to receive new matrices during this difficult time of change. They were placed for me so that I could continue my research in this direction, feel all changes on me, and write down and share information with those, who will need such information and who will go through the same transformations. And matrixes were installed for Vladimir also because we are twin flames and we have the same evolutionary programs.

2.            During four nights the old programs were removed and new ones were installed; first in the nervous system, then for the same number of nights in the circulatory system. In other systems – lymphatic, digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, immune, hormonal, excretory, sexual, and covering systems – work was performed for 3 nights for each of these systems in the described order.

The same order will be used for establishing of new matrix programs for other people whose consciousness has gone to the vibrations of the 5th dimension.

It was impossible not to feel the transformation taking place. Sometimes the body reacted painfully, sometimes some skin rashes appeared, or vice versa – old skin diseases disappeared instantly. Or it happened that we both had a loss of strength, so we just needed to rest, after which the energy and strength were restored.

Twice during this time, I received signs indicating that we needed to urgently release the remaining, unidentified, old unresolved karmic lessons from past lives, as well as from the current life in relation to some relatives from my and Vladimir’s families. I was sure that we had long ago been free of any karma. But very rarely did it happen (as it did this time) that during special meditations, the energies of unworked emotions would surface from the deep layers of the emotional or mental bodies. Karma is also multi-layered, so it’s important to purify and fill all of its layers with light. And it was necessary for me, as a researcher and a Master of cause-and-effect relations, to learn about all the stumbling blocks in our path in order to come to a victorious end.

3. А few days after receiving all the matrix programs, we began a detox, during which the organs and cells were cleansed of all the toxins and detoxes accumulated over the years. If you have used raw food or fasting methods to cleanse your body of toxins, then you remember how you felt during the detox.

Younger people will have faster and less tangible cleanses, it’s all individual. Just be aware of the state of your body, during the cleansing, there may be energy and mental blocks in the muscles or organs, or muscle tension. Dissolve them either with the exercises from my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” or with your own practices if you suddenly feel heaviness in the body, tension, and stiffness in the muscles.

4.            For Those, whose matrix programs transformation will start, in the beginning, the Creator will delete (as I have already said) the old programs, and they were given to all of us from birth in the quantity from 84 to 98 (each organism system and each person has an individual quantity of programs for life). After that, each organismal system will receive a new number of matrix programs, and each system will have 40 to 46 of them. They are less in number, but in structure and power, they are more powerful and programmed for life in high vibrations.

After the matrix programs are established, all organismal systems will study them, absorb the cells and assimilate the received information during the next six months so that the body will be completely transformed and the cells will begin to function on a silicon basis instead of a carbon basis.

As long as human systems do not receive new matrix programs, their bodies will continue to work on the carbon basis, which is inherent in life in the first, second, and third dimensions, even if human consciousness is in the 4th dimension.

Once the consciousness is aligned with the vibrations of the 5th dimension, it will begin to establish new matrix programs throughout all systems (and all organs, cells, and DNA) of the physical body.

The reading of my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing” and the performance of the exercises on it (liberation from karma, energetic purification of the spirit, and soul; integration of the soul; stopping the outflow of your energies, and returning the vital forces; balancing Yin-Yang, increasing the vibration frequency; purification of consciousness, unconsciousness, and many other exercises, the list of which can be read at the website in the table of contents of the two parts of the book) will help to raise the level of consciousness.

During the next 6 months, the organs will continue to get rid of the accumulated toxins and detox, the body may experience occasional energetic weakness. During this time, the body may easily be exposed to various colds. Ask your body, your inner doctor, your Higher Self, and your Creator at these times what vitamins you need to take. Basically, you will need to take Vitamin D (10,000 IU daily), NAC, Liposomal Vitamin C, and Liposomal Glutathione for several days.

5.            After 6 months, the Creator will replace your bodily spirit (it gives us life energy and strength to the physical body) with a new bodily spirit, and all the former bodily spirits present in your elemental spirits, organs, cells, tissues must be replaced with new bodily spirits, with new matrix programs for a healthy life.

An interesting fact. All of us at birth had a bodily spirit from the 7th plane of existence and from different levels of this plane (our health, strong or weakened, depended on it). After receiving the new matrix programs, our bodies will receive the bodily spirits from the 8th plane of existence. This is very awesome!

Well, for those who haven’t read the chapter about the bodily spirits in my book “The Miracle of Divine Healing”, I will share some of the information from that chapter here.


     What is a bodily spirit? Why do so few people know about its existence? Indeed, it’s just as important to know if the bodily spirit is healthy as it is to know about the health of the soul and Divine spirit (which I’ll discuss later).

Everyone contains three separate energetic essences, each with its own role, will, mind, and way of existence. These three essences are called the Divine spirit, soul, and bodily spirit.

The bodily spirit carries a program of the material body’s development and its genetic memory. The key objectives of the bodily spirit are to make sure that a person survives and adapts to life in a society based on their desires, instincts, and abilities; and to guarantee that all physiological processes in a person’s body run as they should so that person can evolve further.

Many spiritual and esoteric movements (as well as almost all religions) focus mainly on the development of the spirit and the soul and suppress (or severely limit) practices related to the development of the bodily spirit or physical health. However, an individual can only develop harmoniously when they pay enough attention to their physical health (which must be not only preserved but perfected as much as possible) as well as to the gradual and continuous evolution of their soul and spirit.

The bodily spirit is the information component of the physical health of the elemental spirits (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Wood, and Ether) and of all organs and cells (stem, fat, joint, bone, muscle, nerve, endothelial, genital, and blood cells) whose functioning the bodily spirit controls. The cells themselves develop according to the program stored in the DNA.

The health of the bodily spirit given to a baby at birth depends strongly on the physical and mental health of the mother at the moment of conception and during pregnancy.

It is very important to check on the state of a pregnant woman’s soul. If a woman’s baby is born weak, master should still perform a diagnosis on the woman to see if she has suffered from any negative or destructive energy coming from people (evil eye, curses, or ritual curses) while pregnant. In such cases, one must cleanse that energy and the memory of the harm it caused during each month over the term of the pregnancy. It’s this dark and destructive energy that often prevents the healthy growth and development of a baby’s organs and physiological systems in the womb.

The bodily spirit forms at conception. If at least one of the parents carries a Clan curse, then a malfunctioning of the genetic program of the fetus is likely while its organs are forming. This will result in hereditary disorders. Such a baby will be born with a weak bodily spirit, even if its soul and Divine spirit are of a high level.

A healthy bodily spirit will provide you with life force and strength. As I said, it carries information about our body’s perfect health, as well as information about how that person treated their physical bodies in preceding lives. If an individual neglected their health during earlier lifetimes, didn’t dedicate time to physical development, or focused solely on the spiritual, in the present life the bodily spirit will be weakened. To survive, such a person will have to seek ways to restore physical health and well-being constantly…

Even spiritual masters often have a bodily spirit that doesn’t match the high level of their soul and Divine spirit…

…The result is disharmony in both spiritual and physical development…

…When the resonance between the bodily spirit and the Divine spirit and soul is broken, a person’s adaptation coefficient becomes low. Such a person finds it hard to adapt to changing life conditions…

… When an individual’s bodily spirit isn’t harmonized and their soul isn’t holistic, the immune system is the first to suffer. The lower meridians are blocked, and the organs don’t receive enough energy; the polarity of the organs and cells changes.

No matter how much energy you pump into yourself through physical exercise or spiritual practices, your life force will keep dripping out of you as if out of a leaky bucket…

I wish everyone awareness and Light on the path of evolutionary development.

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