Reincarnation of animals and humans

Not everyone knows or beleives that animals, like humans, have a soul, and also they can have a few low astral beings, which take away the energy and health from physical bodies. Animals may also have karma. And they are very sensitive to external energy impact.

When I, for example, removed the low astral entities from different dog’s bodies, dogs, usually froze in place, and then come up and put their head on my feet. And when I have cleared the horse’s soul from curses (destructive emotions of people), the horse came close to me and nodded his head in gratitude.

One lovely lady didn’t know how to behave with her dog and she was dissatisfied, because the dog rushed at all people and animals, barking and biting. After her frequent outbreaks of irritations, the dog became even more nervous and scandalous. Every time I check the status of the dog and I saw that the soul and the emotional body are in disharmony, because “mommy” was angry and swore. In this case, the bad emotions of the owner destroyed the aura of the dog and the dog was suffering. When the owner realized the causes and consequences of the behavior and ailments of her four-legged friend, she began to try to control her thoughts. And her dog became quiet.

Animals, like humans, have a different number of reincarnations. If a dog, for example, has a first or a second life on earth, he/she will have less developed intelligence and restless behavior. The owner of the dog will have to pay more attention to this dog than to another one that has 3, 4, 5 reincarnations.

Kiwi came into our family for her accelerated evolution. In the next life, she probably would like to become a human being.

Here is an interesting point. If the dogs (and other animals) have a sufficient number of reincarnations of the soul, they are more interested in life and nature than other dogs which react negatively to everything and unreasonably bark.

And if one of them is lucky enough to become a human after several dog evolutions, then a man with a young human soul will begin training on a different level with endless lessons. And unfulfilled lessons will go from one life to another, and people will continue to grind their feelings, emotions, like diamond facets, and fill their ego (a piece of the emotional body) with the cosmic light.

This is the evolution of the soul and consciousness.

When people pick up the maximum number of material lives (84 of them), they will be ready to begin the path of spiritual development. They will bring their skills, habits, and the accumulated experience into their 85th life, which would be their first life on a spiritual level. Therefore, it is difficult to change immediately all of the old habits, to understand the cause-and-effect relationship of their failures and diseases. And a new spiritual human would need many different spiritual teachers during his several future lives. Because without learning how to help themselves and change themselves will be difficult to become independent and self-sufficient.

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