Once out of its body, a soul passes from the visible world to the more subtle, invisible world of the afterlife. In the first two or three days, a righteous soul, accompanied by angels, can enjoy relative freedom, and visit those places and people on Earth that are dear to it. After that, it moves on to different dimensions.

However, not all souls can leave the Earth. Those souls that don’t pass from the afterlife to other dimensions within a certain time to continue their development and evolution become so-called “restless” or “wandering” souls. There can be different reasons for this, such as anxiety for one’s family or the feeling of having a duty unfulfilled. Sometimes, the soul can’t process its sudden death or feels that its death was unfair, or it wants to go on living. This often happens to people who die violently, in great pain, or in mass killings, war, or epidemics.

The souls of people who didn’t want to get rid of such vices as anger, envy, vengefulness, blaming others, hatred, and other negative emotions go to different energetic levels, depending on how many wrong deeds or crimes they have committed. If a sinful soul finds forgiveness, then once that soul is cleansed and gains enough strength, and after its soiled energetic sheath has peeled off, it can ascend to the world of higher cosmic energies. In time, it can return to Earth to continue its development in a new human body.

If a soul’s sins are so grave that they cannot be forgiven and make their way upward to the world of cosmic energies, they will fall into the lower world. But that world is not hell in the bowels of the Earth, as some people think. It’s a set of energetic layers, which figuratively can be called “hell” or “purgatory,” where souls that can’t go up are discarded. In that place, the energetic sheath that shackled the soul breaks open; the soul isn’t destroyed but must pass through a difficult process. After shedding its sheath, the soul realizes all the terrible things it did while it was a human being, and experiences pain and shame. In this scary moment of revelation, the soul understands that during its life on Earth, it not only contributed nothing to its own development but that it delayed its full liberation—by hundreds of years.

Unless you cleanse the soul of such a person after their death (or, even better, during their lifetime), the soul will be stuck on the terrestrial plane as a restless or wandering soul. It will grow a rough sheath that cosmic rays cannot penetrate and that doesn’t allow the soul to change. Restless souls can feed on human emotions, thoughts, and smells.

Kindly restless souls simply continue their existence on the terrestrial plane, without bothering or harming anybody. Wicked restless souls can cause harm to living people, arranging various accidents and even taking away part of their life energy. Here’s an example: A woman who couldn’t change her vicious character while she was alive eventually died of cancer. Soon after her death, her husband started seeing another woman. The soul of the deceased woman wanted to control the situation even in the afterlife; she was angry that nobody had asked her permission. So, she recruited other wicked restless souls to help her curse her husband’s new partner—to the point that together they breached her aura, ruining her physical health. Through the necrotic channel created, the dark, restless soul started to suck the energy and life force out of the woman who was now living in her house. If such a link is not broken, in time, a person can face exhaustion, apathy, unexplainable illness, and finally, the agonizing death of their physical body.

When people keep thinking constantly about those who have died, they are living in the past, so they lose their joyous energy, which is crucial for creative activity, for restoring one’s strength, and for the health of one’s organs. While we cry for those who are gone, they are better off in the subtle world. We grieve as if something terrible happened to them, while they watch us across space and time in puzzlement. Moreover, every soul that is stuck in an inappropriate reality for it, brings its own fears and anxiety or its memory of illness or deadly accident into the structure of its Clan. These later become Clan programs, also known as hereditary diseases.

The Mahatmas said that:

A soul’s memory is eternal, but it doesn’t reveal itself during one’s new life on Earth; for Cosmic Law forbids a man from knowing what happened in his preceding life. Once that man leaves his body at death, his soul, now free, again becomes all-knowing and all-remembering. If the man’s life on Earth was full of grave karmic sins, such as murder, betrayal, and violence over others in any sense of the word, his originally pure soul will be tortured by the knowledge that it cannot remedy what he had done no matter how much it wants to—for such people do not heed their inner voice. On the contrary, they drown it out, forgetting that their physical body is temporary, while life itself—the life of the soul—is eternal. Torturing others, such a man condemns himself to much longer torture than that of his victim. He delays by many centuries his energetic growth, his soul’s ascension to the higher planes where the Great Personalities dwell and life is filled with joyous labor and beautiful fellowship.

If you have decided to contact a restless soul, don’t forget to mentally cleanse and close the necrotic channel once you’re done, to avoid the risk of attracting energy vampires from different levels.

Before you receive any answers to your questions, you should analyze your emotional state and make sure that the soul of your emotional mind is holistic. If you are emotionally unbalanced, you’ll receive information with similar emotions.

In that case, you’ll have to find out who contacted you. The soul that responds to your call may not be the one you expect; you could become a victim of a prank arranged by evil spirits or the souls of dead people who happen to be nearby. Evil spirits can play pranks on people when they want to. And it’s them you’ll have to pay with your energy for the questions you ask and the responses you receive.

Worse, these spirits (or any entities that come to provide “assistance”), can provoke you to act on the information they share with you so that you will go on to convey its “importance” to others. Sinful spirits will receive low-frequency energies from you and pass them on to entities that responded to your questions. Such entities watch your every negative emotion, provoking you to negative outbursts. They are always happy to provide advice, knowing that in return they’ll be able to feast on your emotions and life force. If that’s the kind of emotional energy you emit, then these are the sorts of “helpers” you can expect to have respond to you.

People who are uptight or who worry too much about the impression they make on others often get distorted information.

But no matter how bad a person was while they were alive, remember that after the death of the body, the soul will be tormented by the deeds of its former incarnation, by all the lessons of fate that haven’t been learned, and by the negative life experience accumulated. The soul will keep suffering, as it receives an energy blow whenever you remember the deceased with anger.

If you can’t remember anything good about the dead person, then just pray for their soul; send them light wholeheartedly, or just smile. The Creator and our planet value the light that comes from each and every soul. The more light that is accumulated, the easier, more interesting, and exciting the individual evolution of every person, planet, galaxy, or Universe becomes.

When I lived in New Zealand, one of my colleagues brought her daughter to me. The girl was affected by strange visions and unexplainable events. Her mother understood that the girl needed a spiritual master, not a therapist. The little girl, Lucy, was only eight at the time. She became my youngest student. I taught her various energy practices, including what to do with the ghosts who tormented her every night. When Lucy went to bed, souls appeared to her in the guise of different people—they stood by her bed, watching her. A ghost of a man with a cigarette in his mouth was a permanent resident in the house; every day he would meet her at the front door when she returned from school. Lucy couldn’t stand the smell of tobacco. Even her mother noticed a weak but unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke around the house, even though nobody in the family smoked.

Lucy and I started digging into the matter. I found out that it was the soul of a man who had lived in the house for many years. He wanted to tell Lucy something. I gave her some advice and convinced her that she needn’t be afraid of the man. It was a kindly soul who wouldn’t harm anyone.

Lucy was glad to hear that. Back at home, she saw the ghost of the man with a cigarette standing in front of her. She even wanted to give him a hug but then felt embarrassed, not knowing how to do it. With the excitement and curiosity of a little girl, Lucy started asking him questions. He told her that he had suffered from mental issues while he was alive and resided in the house. He also told her his first and last name and his date of birth and death. Then he described how he had been murdered: Five young men came to rob the house and killed him. He named all the assassins and told Lucy who among them had already died and who was still alive and in prison.

Lucy was struck by what she had heard. She wasn’t scared of the ghost anymore. Every day she would come back from school to find him greeting her with a big smile and his cigarette smoke. Lucy was a curious child, eager to learn about different sides of life. After telling her the dramatic story of his murder, the restless soul couldn’t share anything interesting, since the soul’s owner hadn’t been intelligent or educated. After repeatedly asking him questions but not receiving any clear answers, Lucy started to feel annoyed by the ghost walking around the house.

I advised Lucy to ask the ghostly resident if he wanted to go to the Divine Light, to return home to the Higher world. When she posed the question to him, he couldn’t understand what she was talking about—he had never heard such words before. At the request of Lucy’s mother (and with the permission and approval of the Creator), I filled his soul with light and sent it on to higher dimensions for further evolution. After that, no spirits bothered Lucy. But now if a ghost does appear, she will know what to do.

(The chapter from my ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing’ book).

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