Starting life on a new energy level

On October 29, 2022, all day long, one by one, signs came to me that caused a lot of discomfort to my physical body.

 If not for this discomfort, I would not leave my earthly comfort zone. I had to connect to the Creator and turn to him with questions.

The news shocked and delighted me.

It turned out that the time has come to transfer the physical body of our planet to a new energy level. I have not done this in my meditations yet, but I have done many other things to make it happen.

Everything is done, of course, by the Creator himself, and I am only a light conductor.

For some event to happen, such a connection must necessarily be established: Earth – Man – Universe.

When the chain links merge into a single whole, this integrity begins to activate, and I can watch the successive creations of the Creator.

Such things have been happening to me for quite a few years.

When I am ready to meet the Creator, if I describe it very briefly, it happens like this: a certain number of particles of the soul of my emotional mind are placed in a special sphere, which goes to the Higher plane of existence, and there, on a creative level, my particles dissolve in a bright light space. On the earthly plane, I express command about what exactly needs to be done, and the Creator shows me what is happening and, in the end, shows me the result.

As it turned out, at that moment all the other planets moved to a new energy level, and they all acquired a brighter, more saturated color and light.

Before taking the planets to a new level, I watched how the Creator cleansed our Earth from emotional, informational, and energy pollution.

To make it easier for me to understand, He always shows images that are accessible to my consciousness and understanding.

The spectacle was impressive.

It was interesting for me to see how a white energy belt was formed along the entire line of the equator of our planet, which was not there before. Like the rings of Saturn, only from a different composition, not at all like a solid disk. On the contrary, it looked like something delicate, fluttering, alive, and movable, but at the same time powerful and stable.

The name of this new formation is the organizer and distributor of the energy of the planet Earth.

At the same time, a little more than 4 percent of the inhabitants of the Earth moved to a new energy level.

Starting next year, the Creator himself will begin to replace the matrix of the 5th race in those people with the matrix of the 6th race.

We all live in a difficult time and at the same time – in an amazing time, a time of great change.

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Elena Alekseeva