The new vibrational frequency of the Earth! Hurry up to tune in.

On February 3, 2023, the frequency of vibrations of the Earth’s body (Schumann resonance) sharply increased.

I no longer have the task of describing in detail what processes are now taking place on Earth and what everyone should do. Therefore, this article is for those who are on the subject and understand the events taking place on the planet. These people need to declare to the Creator this month (March) that He:

increased the frequency of vibrations of consciousness, body, and soul of each of your systems (immune, hormonal, circulatory, etc.), each organ, each cell, and tissue. Your new vibrational level should correspond to the new level of the vibrational frequency of the Earth (indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children, etc., their vibration frequency increased automatically);

transferred your consciousness, the consciousness of the emotional mind, the consciousness of all systems, organs, cells, and tissues to a new energy-informational level (I think that everyone has their own methods and techniques, developed in order to activate the connection with the Creator and declare their intention that He specifically needs to do for you).

For each person, a new energy-informational level will correspond to the level of that plane of existence for which his consciousness has been preparing a place for itself for a long time.
For the majority, the consciousness is nailed to the third (earthly) plane of existence and will remain at its various dual levels for a long time. Someone’s consciousness is already working on the energies of the 4th and even the 5th plane of existence (also at different levels of these planes).

As I wrote earlier, in March the Creator will begin to install a new Matrix of the 6th race for those whom He sees prepared for life in new light energy flows, and not necessarily on this planet. You know what I mean.
But first, you must necessarily attune the frequency of your vibrations with the frequency of vibrations of the Earth. This is an important condition.

Let me remind you that the frequency of vibrations of our planet for thousands of years was a constant value and amounted to 7.83 Hz. More than 30 years ago, the Schumann frequency suddenly began to increase, and until March 3, 2023, it had a range of 37-38 Hz.
On March 3, the vibration frequency of the Earth jumped to 65 Hz.!

A new leap will also lead to new earthquakes, floods, and other anomalies because the planet will begin to change its shape and the outlines of its body.

A person, of course, may not feel changes in the frequency of the Schumann resonance, but if the frequency of vibrations of a person does not correspond to the frequency of vibrations of our planet, then it will be more and more difficult for the physical body to function on the old low-frequency vibrations, it will be much more difficult and longer for the organs to restore health after illnesses, to heal from viruses, to heal inflammatory processes and the like. It will become even more difficult for people to realize and accept the world around them and within themselves.

Keeping up with the times, you will always feel in the flow, meet inspiring people, and experience deep inner satisfaction, happiness, enjoyment, and other joys that Life will begin to bestow on you.

In a few days, I will finish my planetary work, which I have been doing every day since December 2022, and will write about the new processes that the Creator has activated in me. He said that some of my readers and followers would want to do this for themselves, without waiting for their turn to start these processes automatically and no one knows when.

Stay in Light!

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Elena Alekseeva