If we accept that the entire system of life is divided into nine planes of existence—each of which constitutes a specific physical and emotional aspect of ourselves—then the healing, high-frequency photonic rays that this

book is all about will be found on the top level of the Seventh plane. Each plane has many levels, therefore, when someone tells me, “While meditating, I visited such-and-such a level and received such-and-such information,” I ask: “But from which plane?”

The first plane includes all the inorganic elements of the Earth. A small percentage of people have karma (see the book ‘The Miracle of Divine Healing’ Part II, Chapter 21: Does Karma Exist? and Part I, Chapter 19: Types of Diseases According to Agni Yoga) linked to the mineral realm. This means that they have certain attitudes that prevent them from understanding and accepting their unity with this realm. This leads to an imbalanced relationship with the first plane and it can cause arthritis and osteoporosis.

The second plane is the realm of plants and trees; it’s the plane of fairies, elves, and elemental spirits; bacteria, fungus; and negative emotions. Wizards operate on one of the levels of this vibrational plane.

The third plane is the realm of humans and animals. It also
features restless souls. The third plane is our school: Here we learn to manage our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and body. It’s crucial to learn to use the energies of the Supreme plane—that of the Creator of All existence. Illusions also belong to the third plane. It’s the dwelling place of both positive and negative emotions.

The fourth plane is a place where pure souls of good people go after death; it’s a world of higher vibrations. The souls of those who commit suicide cannot reach this plane.

The fifth plane contains spirits who possess high knowledge. Many spirit guides come to our aid from this plane. Healers who work with fifth-plane energies often suffer and lose their own vital energy after dealing with people.

The sixth plane is the plane of ultimate dualism. It contains hundreds of levels. While lower levels house cosmic and demonic entities who cause energy damage to people on Earth, the higher levels are home to spirits who assist people with psychic activities and healing. The lower levels don’t come into contact with the higher ones. When communicating with people, spirits from this plane act as intermediaries between human beings and God. They can often enforce their views on you, though those views aren’t always correct. This causes people who take everything too seriously to believe in the imminent end of the world (or any other idea that is based on fear and uncertainty).

The Seventh plane is the plane of the laws of electromagnetism, of truth, nature, and empathy. This is the plane of laws that govern our Universe, galaxy, solar system, planet Earth, the lower planes, and human beings. The healing music of the spheres; symbols and numbers; and high-frequency colored light all come from different levels of this plane, which number in the tens of thousands. The colored rays of light referred to in this book are found on the highest level of this plane. Their light fills the symbols and signs and the music of the spheres, etc. that are contained in the lower levels of this plane.

The eighth plane is one of the enlightened masters, such as the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, the Great White Brotherhood, and other souls that have reached enlightenment. They often gather together to create new worlds. Our own heavenly mothers and fathers also reside here.

The ninth plane is the Divine plane of the pure and all-encompassing energy of creation. It’s the abode of endless wisdom, creative power, and purest love, a place of healing and of the highest truth. The Spirit, or Atman, as it descends from this plane to the realms of matter, takes on ever more rough sheaths (membranes) or perishable bodies that become its temporary vessels. Atman/Spirit corresponds to the fire energy spread across the cosmos—it’s the child of the primordial universal energy.

Madame Helena Blavatsky writes in her book The Secret Doctrine: The Spirit, beyond manifested Nature, is the fiery BREATH in its absolute Unity. In the manifested Universe, it is the Central Spiritual Sun, the electric Fire of all Life. In our System, it is the visible Sun, the Spirit of Nature, the terrestrial god. And in, on, and around the Earth, the fiery Spirit thereof—air, fluidic fire; water- liquid fire; Earth- solid fire. All is fire (…) the root of which is O (naught) in our conceptions, the All-in nature, and its mind.

Helena Blavatsky was the founder of the Theosophical Society (theosophy is a teaching about the unity between the human soul and the divine) and a disciple of the Brotherhood of Tibetan Mahatmas (ascended spiritual masters). She provided an explanation of the notions of karma and reincarnation which became popular in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

Human evolution, which moves cyclically, is designed to lead humanity through multiple transformations to its original divine nature, whose apex is the Highest Divine plane of existence.

Additional information, July 2021.

From the beginning of February to June 3, 2020, on the Higher plane of the Creator, I have done countless energetic works to cleanse the 6th level of all types of cosmic entities. Each time receiving signs that it was time to continue the work on cleansing, I ascended to the Higher plane of existence and having declared my intention, watched with an inner vision how the Creator carried out cleansing work at different levels of the 6th plane, after which he healed all damaged places. Since that time, a year has passed since the time when the 6th level was cleansed of all essences and still remains pure and light. Light spirits continue to dwell there, coming to the earthly plane to help people in healing, psychic operations. The destructive entities that managed to descend at that time on the earthly plane, entered the physical bodies of people and will continue to exist there until people learn to free themselves from them.

chapter 4, book The Miracle of Divine Healing

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